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  • Chuck: Say it. Suzie: I love you.

  • Say it again. I love riding the truck.

  • Come on, say it louder.

  • I love riding the truck! Oh, that's good.

  • There you go.

  • What the hell, suzie!

  • Suzie: Holy shit! Fred, what are you doing home?

  • What the hell is going on?

  • Fred: You're gonna do this to me again?

  • Suzie: It's nothing. It didn't mean anything!

  • Oh, god, baby, it's not what you think!

  • You were fucking him! We were just talking.

  • Yeah, talking!

  • Guys, come on, it's just sex.

  • No. This is it! I've about had enough of you!

  • I was excited to come home and just hang out with you,

  • And I come home and I see this!

  • Baby, it didn't mean anything! He's a movie star!

  • I know he's a movie star!

  • I'm the one who got him to come here for my fucking testing!

  • Listen, let me just talk about this. Can we go outside?

  • We're gonna go outside, all right. We are definitely going outside.

  • I always told people we'd never fight.

  • I was so goddamn excited when you agreed to come to my testing.

  • I know you're a warrior, so I'll give you

  • The basic right of stretching before our battle.

  • But besides that, I ain't gonna give you shit.

  • Not mercy. Not even forgiveness.

  • Let's hurry up and do this. I gotta get back to fucking your wife.

  • What did you just say?

  • I said, "let's hurry up and do this..."

  • That was stupid.

  • Get ready to get run over by the truck.

  • That shit barely even hurt me, dude.

  • Okay. Okay.

  • All that and my shirt's still tucked in. Pathetic.

  • How about this? Shit.

  • Motherfucker. Goddamn.

  • Hurts a lot more when it's not for points.

Chuck: Say it. Suzie: I love you.


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足こぶしの道 (9/10) Movie CLIP - Ridin' The Truck (2006) HD (The Foot Fist Way (9/10) Movie CLIP - Ridin' The Truck (2006) HD)

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