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What's that?
What is that?
Who is it?
That's me!
No, it's not you.
I don't know
Guess what
You're going to be a big brother
Is that your baby?
Is it coming here?
In my belly!
Is it in your belly?! -Yes!
Just now?! -Yeah!
Is it!! - That's way I've been to the hospital.
Are you really...? -Yeah!!
Are you really having a baby?? -Yeah!
Is it in there? -Yeah!
Oh, he's so tiny. He's got that small look
Oh! Hahaha I'm going to be a new big brother!
I hope you're not joking!
I'm not joking.
He can sleep in my bed if he wants.
Can he?
That's so kind of you.
That's where I've been, to have those pictures taken inside my belly.
Is it in your belly now? -Yeah!
Well we've got a long, long time to wait though before it comes out.
Ahhh!! I'm going to tell my teacher!
When you go to school?
Here you go, mum.
Thank you.
When we get home, is it really....?
Yes. I'm honestly...I'm telling the truth
Um, um, that's why you breathing too much
No! -Um, mum, is it rumbling?
No, you can't feel it yet. My belly's not big enough yet. We've got a long, long time to wait til the baby gets out there
Is it really coming?
Yeah, but not until after Christmas
Is it make...is it really in there?
Really in there now.
Well who made that?
Uh, me and Andy made it.
Why you made it?
Umm, cause we did! because
Good to be a big brother? -YES!
Is it really in there?
Really in there, I'm not kidding
Um, um. I'm going to look in. I'm gonna
You can't just hear anything just yet
Not yet.
No, not for a long time.
You can't see him kicking in there for a long time either
Why are you turning that camera to me?
I'm seeing how happy you are. Are you happy or are you sad? Are you happy?
I'm so happy that the baby coming out!
You'll have two babies like of me -Yeah!
Now you're gonna have a little baby to look after and help me
I can hold it.
You can hold it! Push it in pram?
Is that good? -Yeah!



72906 タグ追加 保存
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