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  • Hey guys, this is the world famous Kailasa temple at Ellora and let's look objectively

  • into who could have built this amazing structure. By the end of this video, I hope you will

  • agree with me that our history is completely wrong, and that this temple was built by a

  • very advanced civilization.

  • What is so special about this temple? This temple was not constructed by adding stone

  • blocks, but an entire mountain was carved to create this temple. This is the only example

  • in the whole world where a mountain was cut out from the top, to create a structure. In

  • all the other temples and caves, even in Ellora and the rest of the world, the rock was cut

  • from the front and carved as they went along. The whole world has followed a rock cutting

  • technique called "cut-in monolith" while Kailasa temple is the only one that has used the exact

  • opposite technique called "cut-out monolith". To see why this rock cutting technique is

  • so different, let's take a look at this pillar that is over 100 feet tall. See how small

  • human beings look when compared to this pillar. Normally, to create such a huge pillar, it

  • would take years of work, carving accurately on the huge rock. But this pillar was carved

  • by scooping out all the pieces of mountain around it. You can imagine the amount of rock,

  • which has been removed to create this pillar. Historians and archeologists are confused

  • because of the sheer amount of rock that was removed in this temple. Archeologists confirm

  • that over 400,000 tons of rock had to be scooped out, which would have taken not years, but

  • centuries of human labor. Historians have no record of such a monstrous task and they

  • think that it was built in less than 18 years.

  • Let us do a simple math and see if historians could be right. I am going to assume that

  • people worked every day for 18 years and for 12 hours straight with no breaks at all. I

  • am going to ignore rainy days, festivals, war time and assume that people worked like

  • robots ceaselessly. I am also going to ignore the time taken to create intricate carvings

  • and complex engineering design and planning and just focus on the removal of rock.

  • If 400,000 tons of rock were removed in 18 years, 22,222 tons of rock had to be removed

  • every year. This means that 60 tons of rock was removed every day, which gives us 5 tons

  • of rock removed every hour. I think we can all agree that is not even possible today

  • to remove 5 tons of rock from a mountain, every hour. Not even with all the so called

  • advanced machines that we have. So, if it is not humanly possible, was it done by humans

  • at all? Was this created with the help of extraterrestrial intelligence?

  • Now, forget about creating such an extraordinary structure. Can human beings at least destroy

  • this temple? In fact, Aurangzeb a Muslim king employed a thousand workers to completely

  • demolish this temple. In 1682, he ordered that that the temple be destroyed, so that

  • there would be no trace of it. Records show that a 1000 people worked for 3 years, and

  • they could only do a very minimal damage. They could break and disfigure a few statues

  • here and there, but they realized it is just not possible to completely destroy this temple.

  • Aurangzeb finally gave up on this impossible task.

  • Note that this attempted destruction is very similar to another mysterious structure called

  • The Menkaure's pyramid in Egypt. Another Muslim ruler wanted all the pyramids to be destroyed,

  • and started his work from the Menkaure's pyramid. After years of trying, he was only able to

  • make a small dent on the pyramid. He gave up too. Were all these indestructible structures

  • around the world created by extraterrestrials? Is that why human beings are not even able

  • to destroy them?

  • In fact, archeologists agree that Kailasa temple was created before any other temple

  • in the Ellora cave complex. Could this have been built centuries before human beings started

  • carving other temples nearby? Is this why the architecture, the design, and the size

  • is so much better and bigger than other temples? If it was built by humans, it is logical to

  • expect that the rock cutting techniques and design would become better over time. People

  • would gain more experience and knowledge and make better structures in the future. However,

  • the Kailasa temple is the oldest and the biggest temple carved with engineering perfection.

  • Unlike other temples, the Kailasa is the only temple that is visible from the air. Out of

  • 34 temples, all carved side by side, Kailasa stands out and you can see it while flying

  • over it. Is this just a coincidence? Or was it designed for people to see it from the

  • air, like Nazca lines of Peru? Even on google earth, the aerial view of Kailasa temple clearly

  • shows an X mark. This is how it looks from the top; you can see a circular design that

  • is studded with 4 lions that create this huge X mark. Was this created as a signal for extraterrestrials,

  • who can spot the location while flying?

  • Unlike other temples of Ellora, notice how well its rectangular design is oriented with

  • all the four directions. Its entrance faces perfectly to the west. Is this another coincidence

  • too? Unlike most other temples of Ellora, this

  • temple has bridges that connect towers, rainwater harvesting systems, drainage systems, hidden

  • underground passages, secret peepholes that can show people walking in, elaborate balconies

  • in different areas and complex stairways that connect multiple levels. And all of this had

  • to be planned accurately before they started carving the mountain. For example, you cannot

  • carve these two structures separately and then decide to build a bridge later. No connecting

  • rocks or external rocks were used at all, and everything was carved perfectly from one

  • mountain. Do you still believe that this was done with chisels, hammers and pickaxes by

  • people with limited mathematical and architectural knowledge? I hope we can all agree that the

  • Kailasa temple was built by a much advanced civilization, whether it originated on earth

  • or elsewhere.

  • I am finding a lot of mysterious places like this, so please do subscribe to my channel.

  • Your opinion is very valuable whether you agree with me or not, so please do leave a

  • comment. Thank you for watching and talk to you soon.

Hey guys, this is the world famous Kailasa temple at Ellora and let's look objectively


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エローラ鍾乳洞のカイラサ寺院 - エイリアンの技術で造られた? (Kailasa Temple in Ellora Caves - Built with Alien Technology?)

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