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  • Okay we're going to do some beautiful cooking, we're going to do a roast chicken

  • It's going to be flavourful, delicious, crispy skinned with some lovely Mediterranean flavours

  • and then what we gonna do is we're going to make pasta, out of all the juices that come

  • out of it, it's going to blow you away

  • So first of all we're going to make the marinade, which is going to turn into the sauce

  • okay so we got some thyme here, we've got some basil as well

  • so let's just pull the thyme off of the stalk, same with the basil but you can kind of just

  • tear off a little bit

  • like that, a good pinch of salt and pepper

  • but also that's a little bit abrasive so we can use the pestle and mortar now

  • to really bash it up, get all of those natural

  • oils out of the herbs, that tiny little bit of kind of pulp

  • is going to transform the dish, we're going to have some olive oil going in

  • a couple of tablespoons, we'll swill that around. So let's put our chicken

  • into our roasting tray. Let's put that beautiful marinade

  • straight over there, if you want proper flavour that blows people away

  • then you've got to get your hands in there and have a little massage up

  • before I wash my hands I got tomatoes

  • on the vine going in beautiful

  • a whole bulb of garlic is gonna go in and before you start saying oh it's going to make me breath smell

  • No it won't

  • it's going to roast, it's going to sweeten, it's gonna caramelize, it's gonna give you

  • flavour. Get a little lemon, give it a little poke, like this

  • with a knife, this is like a little bomb that's gonna go off

  • so we're gonna stick this up the chicken's jacksey, right,

  • it does a beautiful job

  • it steams, it fragrances, it keeps the chicken breast moist

  • it sort of injects that lovely citrus flavor all over

  • the place, give it a good old shake right

  • and then what we gonna do is take our rack and sit that

  • on top, just put a little splash of water in a there, the heat can get right around it

  • it can roast it from every corner, we're gonna cook that for about an hour and 20 minutes

  • at about 190 - 200 degree Celsius, 400 degrees Fahrenheit

  • okie dokie

  • So we've got a lovely chicken here, you want an internal temperature of about 75-80

  • degrees. We've got a thermometer, take it to the thickest part

  • of the chicken push it through if you wanna get the outside crust

  • of the chicken incredible just angle your tray

  • right so all the juices come down to the bottom and then we got this baster here

  • put the juice back on it, this is gonna make it moist

  • it's going to give you the most outrageous, tasty skin

  • ever, ever, ever, ever right we're gonna pop that back in the oven, just for two minutes

  • okay I'm gonna pull

  • all the little tomatoes off the stalk, the nice thing about roasting the tomatoes and

  • the chicken together

  • is the tomatoes get so juicy and that on your pasta

  • is a good thing. Chop all of these tomatoes up like that put this back

  • onto the hob. And I'm gonna load them up with just a little bit

  • of balsamic vinegar about 4-5 tablespoons

  • into there. I'm gonna season the water that I'm cooking

  • the pasta in, I've got some fresh taglierini

  • I'm just gonna bang this in, it only takes a couple of minutes to cook

  • give that a nice stir. The pasta is cooked

  • drain it and I'm gonna catch some of that water underneath

  • okay really important. And you can see that sauce coming together

  • to be really rich and dark, you can sort of

  • run this around the bottom so all the sticky bits of chicken juices

  • kind of gets picked up, there we go.

  • Let's get this pasta in here ASAP now I wanna feed it with some of that water

  • see how starchy it looks

  • Move it around, I love that sound

  • that's the sound of a good pasta

  • just a little bit of Parmesan, little bit of basil, that is beautiful

  • that really is

  • A mighty winter pasta sauce, I always put a few extra leaves

  • of basil just on top, just to tell the story, and one last stroke

  • of parmesan, gorgeous and then the chicken. You're gonna get the most

  • amazing chicken, pour the juice just over the top like that

  • really beautiful roast chicken

  • tagliatelle with amazing sauce, gorgeous.

  • If you like this recipe give us a thumbs-up please comment on the box below

  • and check out some of the other chefs on food tube, take care guys

  • Bye.

Okay we're going to do some beautiful cooking, we're going to do a roast chicken


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