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  • Facebook recently unveiled a second URL for their site that can only be accessed through

  • TOR, which is a software that allows users to log-in anonymously from nearly anywhere

  • on

  • the planet - even in countries where Facebook is heavily monitored or blocked. This makes

  • Facebook the first major web company to offer a platform on the dark web. So, what is the

  • dark

  • web and why did Facebook join it?

  • First off, it’s important to understand that the internet is vast and constantly growing,

  • and

  • the majority of our daily usage only scratches the surface. Google, Yahoo, and other search

  • engines only show about 4% of the data available on the internet. To access the other 96%

  • requires customized digging through individual sites, subpages, restricted access journals

  • or

  • archives, and so on. This 96% is called thedeep web.”

  • It’s also important to understand that pretty much everything we do online is visible,

  • traceable, and possibly being monitored. Everything except... for the areas of the deep web that

  • are masked by thedark web.”

  • Thedark webis concealed through a series of identity masking layers, which basically

  • means that you can access and interact with it anonymously without being tracked. This

  • is

  • achieved through special encryption software like TOR, an acronym for The Onion Router,

  • which when installed on your computer, appears and acts like your standard Firefox browser,

  • albeit slower. But instead of routing your connection through a direct line, TOR routes

  • everything through a series of encrypted computers all over the world, bouncing around

  • randomly before it reaches its host destination. This makes the origin of the data and the

  • people

  • searching for it, unknowable. So while you might actually be in New York, your search

  • traffic

  • can appear to be coming from random points all over the world, making your location essentially

  • untraceable.

  • So why does Facebook, a company that is anything but anonymous or discreet, want this?

  • Well, they claim that it’s all part of a long term effort to achieve greateraccessibility

  • and

  • securityfor its users - which according to some critics, is pretty much just code

  • for desired

  • global domination. Facebook wants to be used by everyone, everywhere. And pushing the site

  • into the dark web opens Facebook up to users who might otherwise be unable to access it,

  • or

  • might worry about government surveillance or other security controls or threats. Places

  • like Iran

  • or China, for example, are known to restrict access to social sites, like facebook. TOR

  • won’t

  • shield usersFacebook profiles or activities -- those will still be public -- but it will

  • keep their

  • location and potentially their real identity, hidden from the authorities.

  • If you’d like to learn more about the inner workings of the web, check out this DNews

  • video

  • on How the Internet Works. (Sound up.) And if you have ideas for topics or questions

  • you’d like

  • us to explore, let us know on Facebook or in the comments down below. Thanks for watching.

Facebook recently unveiled a second URL for their site that can only be accessed through


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