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  • (Screaming)

  • Woh, that was really funny! I need to watch the next episode.

  • (Screaming)

  • Woh, that was completely different, and funnier!

  • (Laughing) I can't believe how unique that was compared to the first one.

  • Liked, favored, and subscribed!

  • (Lots of people complementing PewDiePie at once)

  • (Lots of people complementing PewDiePie at once)

  • Hello, I'm starting a YouTube channel.

  • And I would like to play some Slender for you guys.

  • Oh, woh. that was pretty creepy.

  • What?! PewDiePie did that first! REPORTED!

  • PewDiePie has a copyright Has a copyright on all of these games. No one else is allowed to play!

  • Oh my god, you own a chair.

  • PewDiePie needs to watch this!

  • Brofist! (Punch sound) Yeah! Why so many bros?!

  • That is so funny, hahaha.

  • Oh my god he is so hot.

  • Hahahaha, hahaha. ahhhh

  • Original!!!

  • Brofist! (Meaty Slaps)

  • Oh PewDie, You're so hot. I love you, even though you have a girlfriend.

  • This is shit, my friend is way funnier than PewDiePie

  • Hello, I am supercodplayer1995.

  • Better than PewDiePie, and am playing Call of Duty.

  • Dude, your awesome! I know.



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PewDiePieコメンテーターズ - ジャルロイド漫画 (PewDiePie Commenters - Jaltoid Cartoons)

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