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  • How to prepare your TEDx talk in the TED style.

    TED スタイルのTEDx トークにするためのハウツー

  • In this video, we are going to help you organize your idea,

    このビデオでは アイデアを整理して[br]TEDx トークを創り どんな構成で話すかを決め

  • build and sequence your TEDx talk

    そして リハーサルや[br]練習の繰り返し方を勧めて

  • and then encourage you to rehearse and practice it

    TED スタイルの[br]TEDx トークが

  • to fit in the TED format.


  • So, let's get started.

    では 始めましょう

  • You likely have a gallery of work you want to bring to TEDx

    TEDx で話したい業績が[br]いくつもあることでしょう

  • but they only have room for one of your big dreaming masterpieces.

    でも 大きな夢の最高傑作の中から[br]1つしか話せる余地はありません

  • So, here are some questions to help you collect


  • and organize these bountiful thoughts.


  • What is your core idea and point of view?


  • Giving context why your audience should care.


  • What gives you license to talk about it?


  • Making a personal connection, displaying your experience


  • and the real you, not your ego.


  • What three main points can you distill to support


  • and reveal insight against your idea? --proof for the left side of the brain --


  • And what stories can you tell to resonate


  • your idea and evoke emotion? -- for the right side of the brain --


  • And lastly, what is your call to action to inspire your audience?

    最後に 参加者に訴えて行動を呼びかけるために[br]どうやって締めくくりますか?

  • Now, you have ingredients for a masterpiece,


  • so, let's sequence it into a TEDx talk.

    成分をTEDx トークに入れて[br]流れを作ってみましょう

  • You first will need a strong opening hook to grab their attention.

    まず最初に 参加者の興味を掴むために[br]強力な出だしが必要になります

  • (Video) Dan Pink: I need to make a confession at the outset here.

    (ビデオ) ダニエル・ピンク:[br]最初に告白させてください

  • A little over 20 years ago, I did something that I regret,

    20年ほど前にした あることを[br]私は後悔しています

  • something that I'm not particularly proud of.


  • Something that in many ways, I wish no one would ever know.


  • But, that here, I feel kind of obliged to reveal.


  • In the late 1980s, in a moment of youthful indiscretion, I went to law school.

    1980年代の後半に 私は若気の至りから[br]ロースクールに行ったのです

  • You want to order your points to flow naturally for you and the audience.


  • (Video) Bryan Stevenson: It's interesting, this question of the death penalty.

    (ビデオ) ブライアン・スティーブンソン:[br]死刑の是非の問は興味深いです

  • In many ways, we've been taught to think that the real question is:

    様々なところで 私たちは[br]死刑の是非は

  • do people deserve to die for the crimes they've committed?

    犯してしまった犯罪が 死に値するかどうかを[br]考えるものと教えられてきました

  • And that's a very sensible question.


  • But there's another way of thinking about where we are in our identity.

    “アイデンティティ” が[br]どんな状況なのかを考える別の見方があります

  • The other way of thinking about it is not

    その見方とは 人が

  • do people deserve to die for the crimes they commit?,


  • but do we deserve to kill?


  • Then you want to trash those points that really don't matter.

    そして 重要でない点は[br]捨てるようにすべきです

  • Lastly, craft a great closing story with a call to action.

    最後に 行動を呼びかける[br]素晴らしい締めくくりの話を織り込みましょう

  • (Video) Susan Cain: Just occasionally, I hope you'll open up your suitcases

    (ビデオ) スーザン・ケイン: でも時々は[br]スーツケースを 開いて見せてほしいのです

  • for other people to see because the world needs you


  • and it needs the things you carry.


  • So I wish you the best of all possible journeys

    皆さんに最良の旅と 自分らしく

  • and the courage to speak softly.


  • Thank you very much.


  • Then add your images, which will help you tighten transitions


  • and augment stories to get you to 18 minutes or less.

    物語を補足して 18分でも[br]もっと短いトークでも話を納められます

  • In the third phase of preparing your talk, you must plan on your calendar


  • to rehearse and practice for several weeks


  • in front of real audiencies and several different ones if possible.


  • Then, make sure to visit and rehearse at the event venue

    さらに 必ず実際のイベント会場を訪れ[br]リハーサルもしましょう

  • practicing with your sides and the clicker,

    練習には スライドや[br]スライドをめくるボタンや

  • and hopefully, a confidence monitor, the video screen in front of you.

    できれば プレゼンターの前に置かれる[br]コンフィデンスモニターを使って練習しましょう

  • And then lastly, while we've incorporated it in this video,

    最後に このビデオに[br]組み込んだ今出ている

  • make sure to live and breathe all of the TED commandments.

    このTED の10戒を守って[br]これに従って遂行するようにしてください

  • Brought to you by the team at TEDx Columbus.

    (TEDxColumbus によって[br]提供されました)

How to prepare your TEDx talk in the TED style.

TED スタイルのTEDx トークにするためのハウツー


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TEDx】素晴らしいTEDxトークの与え方。素晴らしいTEDxトークをする方法 (【TEDx】How to TEDx: How to give a great TEDx Talk)

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