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  • Hello. Good afternoon, good evening, good morning. I hope you're having a great day,


  • wherever in the world you are. Today, we are doing a lesson on adjectives to describe people;


  • maybe yourself, maybe people you know. And the way we are doing this today is by looking


  • at the horoscope. Okay? That kind of old thing of saying: "You were born in this month, so


  • you are like this." I don't really care if you agree or disagree with the horoscope.


  • Irrelevant. Throw it out the window. We are here to learn some great English. Yeah? So,


  • we're going to go through them.


  • And first we start with a positive trait. So, a "trait" is a characteristic, something


  • that you do. Okay? So positive traits of people who are Aries, and then negative traits. Okay?


  • So positive and then negative. Okay? Makes sense? Brilliant. If you are Aries, you were


  • born... So, just before we get started, today is also going to be useful for looking about


  • how we talk about dates as well. It's a little bit of revision on dates as well.


  • So, Aries people are... Were born... Past tense. Were born between the 21st of March


  • and the 20th of April. So if that's you, positive trait: you are adventurous. You like doing


  • things. You like exploring and seeing new lands. Okay? You're quite courageous. But


  • the negative trait is that you may be impulsive. Your friend says to you: "Hey, should we go


  • and cross the road?" And you're like: "Yeah, yeah, I'll cross the road," and a bus comes

    牡羊座なら:「もちろん、道渡りましょう!」 そしてバスが来て

  • and "ughl". Okay? So that's being impulsive.


  • Taurus, that's me, the bull. Okay? Taurus... Taurines were born between the 21st of April


  • and the 20th of May. We are persistent. I will carry on until my lesson finishes. Okay?


  • I carry on. I carry on. But I may be a little inflexible. I'm carrying on with my lesson,


  • and someone comes and says, you know: -"The building is on fire." -"No, no, no, no, no.


  • I'm sorry. I am inflexible". "Flexible" means, you know, I am bendy. I cannot bend because


  • I am doing my lesson; this is what I am doing. Okay? So if you do lots of yoga, you would


  • be a flexible person. I am inflexible. [Laughs]


  • Gemini. If you're Gemini, you were born between the 21st of May and 20th of June. Now, Gemini


  • people, they are eloquent and they speak very good English, so probably Gemini people, they're


  • not here, because you know, they're already good. So they're eloquent speakers. Maybe


  • they're... Okay, so we can talk about eloquent speech, and we can talk about maybe eloquent

    ここの「eloquent speech」:説得力のある演説「eloquent clothes」:綺麗な服について解説しましょう。

  • clothes. So you can say: "He was dressed very eloquently." Formal use of language. So they're

    例えば:「その服は彼と似合っていました。」 これは正式な言い方です。双子座は雄弁ですが、

  • eloquent, but they're superficial. Okay? Maybe all they care about is their clothes, and


  • they don't want to think about meditation and prayer, and world peace. Okay? So they're


  • just thinking about: "My Gucci top."


  • Cancer, those guys were born between the 20th of June and the 22nd of July. They are cautious.


  • "Is it safe to come in the room now? Is it safe? Do I have time to go into the room?


  • I'm not sure if I have time." Okay? I'm cautious. Sometime... Maybe you've seen this word: "caution".


  • You might see it on a road sign. "Caution: ferrets crossing the road." I have to pay


  • attention. These people are always paying attention. And on... So that... That's meant


  • to be a positive trait, they're cautious. Maybe it's negative. I don't know. A negative


  • trait is that they are hypersensitive. This means... "Hyper" means more than sensitive.


  • So "sensitive" is I am really aware of your feelings. All right? "Oh, no. No. Are you


  • upset? Are you angry? Oh no. No, no, no. He's angry. Oh, no. I've made him angry." Okay?


  • I am more than sensitive. Okay? Good.


  • Leo, the lion. Roar. 23rd of July to the 22nd of August. Expansive. Now, if you've studied


  • your Latin, you'll know that "ex" means out of. "Expand", yeah? We talk about science.


  • Expand, it means to grow bigger. If my stomach is expanding, it's getting bigger. If I'm


  • an expansive person, my horizons are getting bigger. Okay? Maybe I think about going to


  • America, to India, to the Philippines. I have so many ideas. I'm expansive. But maybe I'm


  • intolerant. Okay? This is quite a good little word: "tolerant". If I am tolerant of my boss,


  • it's okay if he walks in five minutes late. I'm being tolerant. "It's okay. Don't worry.


  • You know, I'm here. Don't worry about it." But if I'm intolerant: "So you're late! Aw.


  • It started five minutes ago. Where are you?" Yeah? That is not being tolerant, not being kind.


  • Virgo, 23rd of August to the 21st of September. Virgis, I don't know how you call them. They


  • are meticulous. "Meticulous", this is a great, juicy English adjective. If I'm meticulous,


  • maybe I'm in the army and I'm very good at planning. So my board will look like too-too-too-too-too.


  • Meticulous. Every "t" is perfectly formed with a little cross. If I'm meticulous, my


  • shoes are perfect. My hair is perfect. I'm very neat. Okay? You have the top button done


  • up. Meticulous. Meticulous. But maybe a bit too fussy. "It's a red pen. But I wanted a


  • blue pen. I don't like red pens. Sorry, I only like blue pens." Okay? If I'm fussy,


  • I am too choosy, too picky. Okay? Picky. That's kind of slang; this is a proper word. Still


  • with me? Still understanding? Still remembering? Yeah? Got some great words up here.


  • Libra, September 23rd to October the 22nd. Sociable. We had that word in another video


  • I did earlier. Flatmates wanting you to be sociable, to be able to talk to people. But


  • indecisive. What word can you see there? Can you see...? Can you see...? What other word


  • do you think might be a bit similar, there? That's it, "decision". Okay? So if I'm indecisive,


  • I can't make a decision. "Umm, umm should I go by car or by bicycle? By car or by...?


  • I don't know." I can't make a choice. Okay? Obviously, the answer's bicycle. Indecisive,

    分からないです。」 決定できないです。明らかに答えは自転車です。優柔不断は、

  • can't make decision. So, again we're looking at positive traits here; negative traits here.


  • Scorpio, the man with a killer bite. Or woman. October the 23rd to November the 21st. Forceful.


  • Okay? I'm at a party. I go: "Here's my business card." I am forceful. Okay? But maybe they


  • can be a bit too forceful. Okay? If I'm an actor and I meet a film producer, I say: "Put


  • me in your film." And the guy's like: -"No. I'm sorry. I'm looking for a two-foot mole,

    出演させてください。」と言うとしましょう。しかしプロデューサーは 「すみませんが、身長2フートの役者を探しています、

  • and you are a six-foot funny looking person." -"But no. I need to be in your film." Obstinate.


  • I am being obstinate. I am forcing too much.


  • Sagittarius, November 22nd to December the 21st. Jovial. If I'm jovial, I have fun, I


  • speak nicely. I share. I am fun. My conversations are enjoyable. Okay? I'm smiling. Yeah? But


  • maybe I have no tact. Now, "tact", this is I know what to say. So I don't tell my boss:


  • "I slept with your mom last night", because that would be no tact; that would be tactless.


  • "Tact", if I'm tactful-okay?-I choose what words I say.


  • Capricorn, December the 22nd to January the 19th. Disciplined. At 6:00am I get up. For


  • my breakfast, I eat porridge with a glass of blueberry juice. And then I go and do swimming


  • in the gym. But whilst they have a good routine... Okay? Discipline goes with routine. They may


  • be too miserly. Okay? -"No. You can't have any money. No." -"Can I have 10P?" -"No. No,


  • you certainly well can't. Go away." Okay? I don't want to give any money away. Keep


  • it in my pocket. I could do with being a bit more miserly.


  • Aquarius, January the 22nd to February the 18th. Humanitarian. You have to think Mother


  • Teresa, think sort of Gandhi, Martin Luther King. They care about the world, about people,


  • the environment. Okay? People who are working for charities have a humanitarian aspect to


  • their personality. "Aspect" means part. Okay? "Aspect", I'll write it down. A part of you,


  • an aspect of you. A humanitarian part. But maybe they are unpredictable. So my wife thinks


  • I am going home to have some dinner, but I decide to go to Heathrow and get on a plane


  • to Finland. That would be being not predictable. Okay? So you can predict Benjamin will go


  • home and eat his dinner. If I am not being predictable, then I do something completely different.


  • Okay. Pisces, the fish. Pisces, February the 19th to March the 28th... 20th. That's my


  • dad. So, compassionate. "Compassion". Let's just look at this part of the word. So "com"


  • means with. "Passion", the heart. Yeah? I care for people. My... My heart is with the


  • people. But maybe I can be a bit vague. It's like: -"Benjamin, would you like a salad or


  • a burger?" -"A salad, a burger, hmm, I don't know. A salad, burger." Yeah? I don't... I


  • don't really give an answer. Okay? That's vague.


  • So, there we have it. Hope you've got some words in here. Adventurous, to go out. Impulsive,


  • woo, I'm doing this now. Yeah? Impulsive. So, there are some quite similar words, here.


  • So impulsive is kind of similar to unpredictable. Yeah? Adventurous kind of goes with expansive.

    「impulsive : 衝動的な」と「unpredictable : 気まぐれな」は似ていますね。「Adventurous : 冒険好き」と「expansive : 開放的な」も似ています。

  • Meticulous kind of goes with cautious. So there are... There are kind of similar ones,

    「meticulous : 几帳面」と「cautious : 用心深い」そして、ここもあります。

  • here. Compassionate is quite similar to humanitarian. Yeah? Forceful is... Well, what is forceful

    「compassionate : 思いやりがある」と「humanitarian : 人道的な」も似ています。「forceful : 力強い」は...

  • like? You know what forceful means. I charge ahead.


  • Folks, we've reached the end of today's lesson. I want you to go to and get

    皆さん、今日の授業はもう終わりです。皆さんは で

  • 10 out of 10 on your quiz. But more than that, I want you to use these words in your speech.


  • So, you know, write them down, remember them, and then tell me: "Benjamin, you are the most


  • eloquent English teacher I've ever had." And I will say: "Thank you very much."


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  • Well done. Use these words. Be good. Good bye.


Hello. Good afternoon, good evening, good morning. I hope you're having a great day,



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