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  • 2015 promises to be a productive year towards peace between Armenia and Turkey, according

  • to many news agencies. Last year the Prime Minister of Turkey spoke of theshared

  • painbetween the two countries, and expressed his condolences towards those affected by

  • Turkish violence. This was considered the most conciliatory remark towards Armenia to

  • date. So what is at the heart of the tension between Turkey and Armenia? Do they hate each

  • other? And could there ever be reconciliation?

  • Well, Turkey and Armenia have been long-time enemies. Back in the days of the Ottoman Empire,

  • before World War I, Sultan Abdul Hamid the second infamously oppressed the Armenian people.

  • Armenians were often singled out for being Christian, while most of Turkey was Muslim.

  • In the late 1800s, tens of thousands of Armenians were put to death under suspicions that they

  • would side with Turkey’s enemy at the time, Russia, during the Russo-Turkish War. Then,

  • during World War I, rising tensions and historical persecutions led to the massacre of about

  • 1.5 million Armenians. It’s controversially known as theArmenian Genocide”.

  • Although more than 20 nations officially acknowledge the genocide, the Turkish government has instead

  • implied that the Armenians were simply casualties of war. In fact, article 301 in the Turkish

  • penal code prosecutes journalists whodenigrate the Turkish nationby implying the Armenian

  • genocide is real. The press in Turkey has harsh restrictions on freedom of speech, although

  • hate speech against Armenians is common. This refusal to acknowledge the genocide lies at

  • the heart of the tension between Turkey and Armenia.

  • The subject of Armenian genocide remains a sensitive subject for Armenian and Turkish

  • politicians, as well as other international officials. To avoid alienating Turkey, a powerful

  • NATO ally with the United States, President Obama has consistently refused to use the

  • wordgenocidein his speeches on the subject. Obama and many other nations continue

  • to tread lightly while encouraging Turkishacknowledgement and reckoningof the

  • past.

  • This year will mark the 100th anniversary of the genocide, and many Armenians are hoping

  • for an official government apology. Last year, the Armenian president declared that it was

  • theutter denialof the crime which was keeping the issue alive between the nations.

  • It’s clear that until they both can come to an agreement on what exactly happened,

  • reconciliation is unlikely.

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2015 promises to be a productive year towards peace between Armenia and Turkey, according


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