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  • As you go through life you'll see

  • there is so much that we

  • Don't understand

  • And the only thing we know

  • Is things don't always go

  • The way we planned

  • But you'll see every day

  • That we'll never turn away

  • When it seems all your dreams come undone

  • We will stand by your side

  • Filled with hope and filled with pride

  • We are more than we are

  • We are one

  • If there's so much I must be

  • Can I still just be me?

  • The way I am?

  • Can I trust in my own heart

  • Or am I just one part

  • Of some big plan

  • Even those who are gone

  • Are with us as we go on

  • Your journey has only begun

  • Tears of pain, tears of joy

  • One thing nothing can destroy

  • Is our pride, deep inside

  • We are one

  • We are one, you and I

  • We are like the earth and sky

  • One family under the sun

  • All the wisdom to lead, All the courage that you need

  • You will find when you see

  • We are one

  • *As long as you live here

  • *It's who you are

  • *You'll understand some day

  • made of jamie wall more info at

As you go through life you'll see


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We Are One (English) -ライオンキング2-字幕 (We Are One (English) -The Lion King 2- subtitle)

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