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  • This is why we called you in.

  • 3D again

  • -Hm, interesting. -The broken glass?

  • No, where it's broken from

  • Look at the shatter pattern.

  • The glass in all these paintings has been broken from the inside.

  • As you can see, all the paintings are landscapes, no figures of any kind.

  • -So? -There used to be.

  • Something's got out of the paintings.

  • Lots of somethings. Dangerous

  • This whole place has been searched.

  • There's nothing here that shouldn't be and nothing's got out.

  • Oh no, not now.

  • -Doctor, what is it? -Oh not now, I'm busy.

  • Is it to do with the paintings?

  • No, no, this is different. I remember this, almost remember.

  • Ohh of course. This is where I come in.

  • -Geronimo! -Doctor! -Wait!

  • Who is this man? That's just what I was wondering.

  • Oh very skinny, that is proper skinny.

  • I've never seen it from the outside.

  • It's like a special effect. Oy! Ha! Matchstick man.

  • You're not...

  • Compensating?

  • For what?

  • Regeneration, it's a lottery.

  • Oh, he's cool. Isn't he cool? I'm the Doctor, and I'm all cool. Oops, I'm wearing sand shoes!

  • What are you doing here? I'm busy.

  • Oh, busy, I see. Is that what we're calling it, ey?

  • -Hello, ladies! -Don't start.

  • Listen, what you get up to in the privacy of your own regeneration is your business.

  • One of them is a Zygon.

  • Uh... I'm not judging you...

  • Oh... lovely!

  • Your Majesties, probably a good time to run.

  • But what about the creature?

  • Elizabeth, whichever one of you is the real one, turn and run in the opposite direction to the other one.

  • Of course, my love. Stay alive, my love. I am not done with you yet.

  • Thanks, lovely.

  • I understand. Live for me, my darling. We shall be together again.

  • Well, won't that be nice.

  • -One of those was a Zygon? -Yep.

  • -Big, red, rubbery things covered in suckers? -Yep.

  • -Venom sacs in the tongue? -Yea, I'm getting the point, thank you. Nice.

  • Doctor is that you?

  • Ah, hello Clara, can you hear me?

  • Yea, it's me. We can hear you. Where are you?

  • Where are we?

  • England, 1562

  • Who are you talking to?

  • Myself.

  • Can you come back through?

  • Physical passage may not be possible in both directions. It... ah... hang on.

  • Fez incoming!

  • Nothing here.

  • So where did it go?

  • -Who's he talking to? -He said, "himself!"

This is why we called you in.


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第11回ドクターは第10回ドクターと出会う - ドクター・フー - ドクターの日 - BBC (Eleventh Doctor Meets The Tenth Doctor - Doctor Who - The Day of the Doctor - BBC)

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