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  • First thing first

  • I do not care that you're a multi-platinum selling rapper, Gun Rack.

  • What I care about is that I 100% know that you murdered Darnell Simmons

  • So, you better start talking.

  • Yeah, but you ain't got nothing.

  • um..ah..I you know...I'm actually very glad that you said that

  • Because I respectfully

  • I beg to differ.

  • (I killed Darnell, yeah, I shot him with my nine I shot him nine times, 9:00 PM on the dime And by the way, it was November 9th

  • That don't mean nothing.

  • I got a vivid imagination

  • I couldn't have shot Darnell.

  • I was at my cousin's birthday party

  • Red Lobster, November 9th.

  • a...a red lobster?

  • Geez, I got to tell you, Gun Rack, I find that really hard to believe

  • (I got an alibi Birthday, Red Lobster. When in reality I shot Darnell like a mobster It's a lie, Anyone could tell this if you know my allergy to all shellfish

  • Just confess

  • Gun Rack

  • ehhh..I confess that shellfish is the only thing that rhymes with "tell this".

  • It's just words, Detective.

  • Nouns, adjectives, they just happen to be in a dope order

  • But

  • they ain't got no proof

  • Shot up Darnell. With a long-ass gun And I tossed it into the aquarium

  • I have no idea what that object is.

  • I don't...If I had to identify it, I would call it a gun of the long-ass variety.

  • some seaweed in there too

  • Look detective, I hate to break it to you. I ain't kill nobody.

  • You....

  • (I stroke my chin real slow when I'm lying And I was laughing super hard as Darnell was dying)

  • The name of the album is I Killed Darnell Simmons.

  • It's a concept album

  • a concept?? That's a picture of you, a picture of you and behind you is Darnell Simmons' body

  • Coincidence.

  • You're going away for a long time, you understand?

  • You're gonna confess if it's the last thing you ever do, you hear me, Gun Rack?

  • I'll beat you!

  • Joe!

  • I'll beat you! Joe!!

  • He's free to go

  • What? no what no no no no we have everything we need

  • No it's Simmons's girlfriend. She just confessed to the whole thing.

  • Infidelity. Crime of passion.

  • Let's go Mr. Rack

  • (Bonus track, bonus track.)

  • (I got a ride or die bitch I think you get the gist)

  • (And when you let me out, I'm gonna blow a little kiss)

  • (This is my confession admissible in a court I killed Darnell Simmons for sport)

  • (That's right, I'm a murderer. Come get me )

  • Hector, stop! (come down the hall you can't get me)

  • (Okay, okay, you got me You got me. wowowow damn damn damn aw! aw!)

First thing first


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Key & Peele - Rap Album Confessions (Key & Peele - Rap Album Confessions)

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