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Hi guys.
Welcome back to Haul Rox, I'm Alana.
So this week, I'm going to do a fashion haul on job interview pieces.
So stay tuned.
I picked up this top from Oasis.
It's 32 pounds.
This is a really good number for summer because it's got like no sleeves.
Last thing you want on a job interview is to be hot and bothered.
And that's not very attractive as well.
You're not going to impress any employer by being all mucky and hot.
I like this one because it's got the daisy print.
And when you are on a job interview, you want to kind of stand out a little
And you will be remembered for this top because it's so pretty and it's got
like this really pretty print to it.
And it's also got this slight gathering effect at the top and a little zip at
the back.
It's really lightweight and floaty.
So you're not going to feel like too confined.
If like you're wearing a really fitted dress, you might feel too confined.
You want to feel comfortable and presentable.
From Warehouse, I got this bag for 40 pounds.
Really good colors.
You can go a little bit to boring with a black bag or a brown bag.
This has got a lot different kind of like paneling colors.
Really really smart.
Really fashionable.
And a really good size.
So if you need to bring the internet with you, your iPad or something, this is
a really good size to fit everything you need in like for your interview.
I always wear black heels for a job interview.
You really can't go wrong with them.
I wouldn't wear a pair of pumps because it might make you look under dressed a
little bit.
It's better to look too smart than casual.
These are a pretty good height.
They're not too high.
You don't need to be wearing platforms or anything too ridiculous.
You don't want to be nearly falling over walking into a job interview.
Slightly pointed, you're not over doing it.
You don't look like you're in a night club.
Very smart and presentable.
These are from Asource and they were only 25 pounds.
A good buy for the money and they will absolutely go with everything you put
You can't go wrong with a black pair of heels.
From Warehouse I have picked up this dress.
It was 36 pounds.
And it's very fitted so it shows off your figure.
It's very pretty.
It's floral.
It's got a high neck.
You don't want anything with too low of a neck because that's not too
It's a good length as well.
It falls about the knee length.
Perfect for the summer.
It's got a little sleeve to it.
If I was wearing this, I would probably just chunk a little blazer over the
top, a pair of sensible heels and a matching bag to go with the heels.
And this rouse gives it a little bit of refinement.
If you were going to an interview that requires you to dress up super super
smart, this dress is perfect.
It's from Oasis and it's 45 pounds.
It is a very classic black dress.
It would look great with a blazer.
If you had to wear a full suit, this is like a really good suit dress.
It's got darting along here which makes it look super super fitted.
And it's got a little slit in the back as well.
Very, very sophisticated.
And the neck line is not too low.
You don't want to overdo it on the neckline like I said earlier.
This is just a really good, like staple piece for a job interview.
This skirt is 38 pounds and it's from Oasis.
This is a little bit more funky.
People would've liked your very plain pencil skirts, you can always opt for
something a little more different with this kind of like print all over it.
I would definitely wear this with something plain though.
Like a plain white shirt or blouse or something like that.
And definitely pop on a pair heels to go with it.
This blazer is 35 pounds and it's from Asource.
It's completely open.
It has no fastenings what so ever.
And it just drapes over.
This is slightly more casual.
You wouldn't be going to a job interview that requires you to be in full like
business wear
Very very small time.
Or you might be going smart casual
It's a really practical color.
And because it's plain, I would probably chuck this on with a nice fitted
Maybe even like that floral dress I showed you a minute ago.
I hope I've helped you out when deciding what you are going to wear for your
job interview.
And good luck on the job interview as well.
If you like this video, please give it a thumbs up.
And I hope to see you guys soon.


Job Interview Haul ft. ASOS, Oasis, Warehouse: S02E8/8

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