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  • - Well hello everyone!

  • My name is Tyler Oakley and today

  • we are celebrating something monumental in all of our lives

  • and that is, the 10 year anniversary of Mean Girls.

  • I feel like there is only one way to celebrate this,

  • and that is with a YouTuber Burn Book.

  • Let's do this!

  • (upbeat music)

  • First and foremost, we have My Damn Channel Reject,

  • Grace Helbig.

  • I heard that Marcus Butler got cheap butt implants in Japan.

  • Zoey Sugg made out with a guinea pig.

  • Joe Sugg, he could get it.

  • I hear that Miranda Sings

  • doesn't even know how to rid a daddy saddle.

  • So embarrassing.

  • Jim Chapman isn't even verified on Twitter.

  • Uh, I'm pretty sure this one is for sure true,

  • Joey Graceffa is a Grotsky lil beeotch.

  • Word on the street is that Hannah Hart

  • and Mamrie Hart are actually sisters.

  • Scissor sisters, if you know what I mean.

  • This one is also true, Alfie Deyes sounds like

  • Kermit the Frog on crack.

  • Um, so this one is more of a question

  • but Caspar Lee, if you're from Africa,

  • why are you white?

  • I heard that Louise SprinkleofGlitter

  • had a baby for attention.

  • Connor Franta, future cat lady.

  • Tanya Burr is a pusher.

  • She is a makeup pusher.

  • She pushes people.

  • Sawyer Hartman is too gay to function.

  • Troye Sivan is a fat virgin.

  • (laughs) Still half true.

  • And finally, this gay is the nastiest,

  • skank bitch I have ever met!

  • Do not trust her.

  • But that is all I have for you guys today.

  • I hope you enjoyed this little burn book.

  • Uh, if you did, be sure to push the thumbs up

  • and subscribe right there.

  • OK?

  • The latest Q and A is right below.

  • If you want to be my person of the week,

  • you can click right there

  • and get anything from my store,

  • a shirt, a sweater, or a poster.

  • Send me a picture of you being cute with it

  • and I might put you right there.

  • It's that simple.

  • I hope you guys have a fabulous life

  • and until next time,

  • put it in the book.

- Well hello everyone!


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YouTubeのバーンブック|タイラー・オークリー (The YouTube Burn Book | Tyler Oakley)

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