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  • [ tray narrating ] my father tried his best to give me advice.

  • The problem was, he was only a couple of years older than me.

  • [ man ] fool, I told you I don't want no damn watchtower !

  • Hey, what's up, nigger ?

  • What's up, pops ? Oh, how you doin', man ?

  • How you doin', man ? How's it goin' ?

  • Oh, man ! Look at you. It's goin' be on !

  • Look at you, man ! Look, you got big, man ! Oh, you know.

  • Last time I seen you, you was about this tall.

  • They wouldn't even let you on the rides at the amusement park. Had to take you to kiddie land.

  • Remember that ? Yeah, but it's all good.

  • I was just about to eat breakfast. You hungry ? No, I'm full, man.

  • I had some red hots. Oh, is that right ? Cool. Hey, man, come on in.

  • Oh, please allow me. You're the guest in my house, man.

  • Make yourself at home. Hey, are those your bo's ?

  • Yeah. Hey, I'm gonna be sportin' them, man.

  • It's good to have you up in it too.

  • I'm gonna finish gettin' my swollen on right. Have a seat. All right. Cool.

  • Hey ! Make sure your ass is on that plastic.

  • That's right. So we're not bumpin' heads.

  • Man, if you gon' be stayin' here, you gon' have to follow some rules.

  • No smokin' my shit. Don't let me catch you drinkin' my shit.

  • And if you bring any of them ho's up in here, make sure I fuck 'em first.

  • And, uh... You gon' have some chores.

  • - Chores ? - That's right. Chores.

  • Nigger, this ain't gon' be no free ride !

  • Uh, you gon' have to keep track of my matchbox cars.

  • You got to organize the damn sega genesis cartridges.

  • Do my homework, since you want to be such a smart ass.

  • After that, in the nighttime, cut the hair on my balls.

  • Can I ask you a question, pop ? Yeah.

  • What you gon' be doin' ?

  • Hey ! Look, nigger, I ain't got to do nothin'. My mama take care of me.

  • [ sighs ] I know you think I'm bein' hard on you.

  • What the hell. I guess I'm tryin' to teach you some responsibility.

  • You right, pop. No shit.

[ tray narrating ] my father tried his best to give me advice.


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脅威になるな (1/12) 映画CLIP 灰皿の父 (1996) HD (Don't Be a Menace (1/12) Movie CLIP - Ashtray's Father (1996) HD)

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