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  • What do Steven Spielberg, Christian Bale, Taylor Swift and Bill Clinton all have in

  • common? Well, besides the fact that they're all famous and successful, every one of them

  • was bullied growing up.

  • So if you're being bullied... you're in some pretty good company. Unfortunately, bullying

  • is a widespread problem and it can take a toll on everything from your self esteem to

  • your physical health.

  • But we're here to tell you: You're not at fault and you're not alone. Welcome to

  • WellCast, where you're with an army of people just like yourself. This week, we're tackling

  • a subject that a lot of our viewers requested: What to do if you're being bullied. We've

  • got a four step method that'll show you how to boost your confidence, protect yourself

  • from harm and find help. Ready?

  • The sheer number of awesome people who were bullied as kids tells us two things: One,

  • bullying is pretty common. Studies have found that nearly one-third of all students (some

  • 13 million people) are bullied each year.

  • Two, the qualities that make us easy targets for bulliesbeing seen as too "nerdy"

  • or liking the wrong clothesare the traits that also make us interesting. Such a high

  • premium is placed on "fitting in" throughout grade school and high school, it's easy

  • to forget that from college on, your success is based on your ability to stand out. To

  • be different from the crowd. To be unique.

  • This brings us to our WellCast exercise. Pause and print this worksheet.

  • Step one: This isn't your fault. There are a multitude of reasons why bullies do what

  • they do, but these have little to do with you and a lot to do with the bully's personal

  • issues. So don't start viewing yourself through your bully's eyesyou'll just

  • see an inaccurate self-portrait.

  • Try this self-esteem exercise on your worksheet: Write down all the great qualities that make

  • you stand out from the crowd. Maybe you get good grades in English class. Maybe you're

  • an amazing trombone player. Whatever it is, get it down on paper. This is the person you

  • actually are. The next time a bully makes you feel like you're something less than

  • this amazing collection of positive traits and talents, remember this list.

  • Step two: Build your army. Surround yourself with people who care about you and who appreciate

  • you exactly for who you are. You don't have to go through this experience without backup.

  • If you're having trouble finding people, try seeking out friends who have similar interests.

  • Look for clubs at your school or local community center, audition for theater, try out for

  • a sportwhatever it is you're interested in.

  • Step three: A bully is like a grizzly bear. No, seriously. That's exactly how you should

  • treat a bully if you're getting picked on.

  • 1. Play dead. Ignore the bully. This is perhaps the most recommended anti-bullying tactic,

  • and it should be your first resort. Sometimes, all a bully wants to get is a reaction, and

  • if he doesn't receive it, he'll get bored and move on. Better yet, use humor to alleviate

  • the situationif you can make a joke that points out how ridiculous the bully is being,

  • you might just confound him into silence. 1. Travel in packs. Just like you shouldn't

  • go camping without a buddy system, try not to get caught alone with the bullystick

  • close to your friends. It'll be hard for the bully to get to you if you're with your

  • wingmen. 2. Get out of there. This is your nuclear

  • option if you find yourself alone with a bully who won't stop tormenting you. The second

  • you feel unsafe or overwhelmed, find a way to extricate yourself from the situation.

  • Go find your friends or go get help.

  • ...Which brings us to step four: Find someone you can talk to. Speak out. Nobody has the

  • right to make you feel unsafe, uncomfortable or unhappy. Find someone you trust—a teacher,

  • a guidance counselor, a parent, a friendand tell them what's going on. There's no

  • reason you have to tackle this problem all by yourselfthere are people out there who

  • will drop anything to help you.

  • If you're uncomfortable approaching someone at your school, there are other places to

  • turn. A great resource is 1 (800) 4A-CHILD, also found on your worksheet. It's a toll-free

  • number, so it won't cost any money, and there are people available to talk any time

  • of the day or night on the other end of the phone.

  • Ultimately, just don't let yourself believe that you're in this without a life jacket.

  • Turn to your friends, turn to your parents, or turn to this hotline.

  • We here at WellCast want to hear how the good fight is going. Leave us a comment below,

  • or shoot us an email at

  • Let's recap: Today, we talked about bulliespeople who somehow believe that they can make you

  • feel awful. Dealing with bullies is tricky, but remember our steps. This isn't your

  • faultso don't let your self esteem take a hit. Build an army of support around you,

  • and keep these friends close. When in doubt, try ignoring the bully or laughing it offbut

  • ultimately, turn to others for help: a parent, a friend, or a resource such as 1 800 4A CHILD.

What do Steven Spielberg, Christian Bale, Taylor Swift and Bill Clinton all have in


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