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  • Welcome, everyone.

  • To the official debate section of the charter review.

  • Unfortunately, the captain

  • Of the university debate team had a scheduling conflict.

  • Yeah.

  • We had to bring someone else in to fill in for this event.

  • Ladies and gentlemen,

  • Please welcome the co-host of cnn's crossfire,

  • Famed political consultant, the raging cajun,

  • Mr. James carville.

  • [applause]

  • Thank you. Don't clap.

  • Thank you, dean pritchard.

  • It's an honor and pleasure to be here, sir.

  • Topic number one.

  • What is your position on the role of government

  • In supporting innovation in the field of biotechnology?

  • Dean, I'm glad you asked that question...

  • I'd like to jump in and take that one, jimmy,

  • If you don't mind.

  • [audience murmuring ] have at it, hoss.

  • Why doesn't he wait for an easy one?

  • Recent research has shown the empirical evidence

  • For globalization of corporate innovation is very limited.

  • And as a corollary, the market for technologies is shrinking.

  • As a world leader, it is important for america to provide

  • Systematic research grants for our scientists.

  • I believe there will always be a need for us

  • To have a well-articulated innovation policy

  • With emphasis on human resource development.

  • Thank you. [groaning]

  • [applause]

  • Where'd that come from?

  • What happened? I blacked out.

  • It was awesome.

  • That was interesting. Thank you very much.

  • And your rebuttal, mr. Carville?

  • Uh...

  • We have no response.

  • That was perfect.

  • [cheering and applause]

  • That's the way you do it! That's the way you debate.

Welcome, everyone.


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オールドスクール (9/9) Movie CLIP - That's the Way You Debate (2003) HD (Old School (9/9) Movie CLIP - That's the Way You Debate (2003) HD)

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