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  • (Stan) Fill her up, son, and a little bit extra.

  • Stan Fox, buying gas.

  • Navin R. Johnson selling it, sir.

  • (madman) Got you, you average, typical,

  • blocking-of-the-view of a goddamn average victim bastard.

  • Check your oil?

  • Check away, Navin R. Johnson.

  • Oil rag at the ready, sir.

  • Let's check the oil together.

  • Yes, sir. Thank you, sir.

  • Son-of-a-blocking bastard.

  • Looks good to me, sir, but l'd like your opinion.

  • Damn these glasses.

  • lt looks good to me, too.

  • Hurry up, son, time's a-wastin'.

  • l'm going to the iohn.

  • Don't forget to check those tires.

  • Damn these glasses, son.

  • Yes, sir, l damn thee.

  • Damn.

  • [mumbling]

  • Damn these glasses!

  • Sir.

  • l can fix those glasses.

  • You can?

  • Well, here, fix those suckers.

  • Shit!

  • Sir? Guess what? l fixed them.

  • l was back there thinking,

  • ''What causes glasses to slip on and off?''

  • And it's because when you take them on and off,

  • you're always putting pressure on the frames like this.

  • lt causes 'em to spread.

  • So l put a little handle right here in the center,

  • and it puts the pressure on the bridge where it belongs,

  • just like the tie rods on a '72 Buick.

  • Plus, l put a little nose break on them here

  • to prevent slippage. Try it.

  • Use the handle.

  • Well, l'll be...

  • lt works.

  • You know, l make a pretty good living selling shit like this.

  • l'll tell you what,

  • if l can develop this gizmo,

  • l'll split it with you 50150.

  • Okay, how much do l owe you for the gas?

  • l got a trunk load of shit to sell.

  • $26.41 .

  • Here's $30. Keep the change.

  • Wow! Thanks.

(Stan) Fill her up, son, and a little bit extra.


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ザ・ジャーク (6/10) Movie CLIP - ザ・オプティグラブ (1979) HD (The Jerk (6/10) Movie CLIP - The Opti-Grab (1979) HD)

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