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  • What I'm about to say cannot leave this room.

  • Do you know who Vicente Cortez is?

  • Yes, he's the top lieutenant in the cartel.

  • He is known as The Bank of Bogata.

  • The Tender Tinder.

  • The Linder Lender.

  • The Money Launderer.

  • El Chapo. The Pork Chop. Macho -

  • Okay, okay, okay...

  • Tomorrow morning you will escort our witness to Dallas

  • so she can testify against Cortez.

  • Mrs Reva? We have got to get going.

  • Look at you, you're teeny-tiny!

  • You're like a little dog that I can put in my purse!

  • But Cortez has killed every witness we've had.

  • You're in danger, ma'am!

  • But everything's going to be fine!

  • What about my husband?!

  • Everything but your husband's gonna be fine!

  • You don't have to like me

  • but I'm the best chance you have at surviving.

  • What the hell is that white stuff?

  • - Baby Powder! - Baking Powder!

  • I should call the police...

  • NO! I'm the freakin' police, don't you see?!

  • You're free to go!

  • But I totaled your car -


  • We have been set up!

  • Shot at!

  • And hunted down!

  • Officer Cooper stands at four feet, eleven inches...

  • Oh come on.

  • The other suspect, a forty-five year old latino woman -

  • Forty-five?! My madre...

  • We need a couple hours to lay low, now can you help us with that?

  • I kinda like your smile...

  • You do not know anything about me!

  • I have seen your underwear!

  • I live a lot of coverage!

  • That's not underwear, that's a diaper!

  • I know everything I need to know.

  • They tried to seduce me with some lesbian stuff.

  • I am her lover!

  • But I'm a Christian, so I didn't - I wasn't interested in that.

  • Randy?

  • Whoa, hey!

  • Penis! Oh my God!

  • Penis!

  • I'm gonna get...

  • Officer Cooper is four feet, nine inches -

  • I am five foot two!

  • - traveling with a fifty year old suspect.

  • FIFTY?!

  • Find them now.

  • We have to get out of this car right now

  • they're going to kill us both!

  • Follow my lead!

  • Mrs Reva is having some problems from lady business.

  • Can't she just...hold it?

  • No, you see, once a month

  • my uteris sheds its lining -

  • It sheds.

  • So that the eggs descend into the -

  • OH MY GOD!

What I'm about to say cannot leave this room.


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