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  • Hi, I'm Anali Perry, and this is a library minute.

  • The ASU libraries have eight library locations on four

  • different campuses, plus an online library that's like

  • another location.

  • You can visit our online library through our website,

  • my.asu and your mobile device.

  • We're open early, we're open late, and Hayden Library is

  • even open 24 hours a day.

  • Our libraries offer options for your study needs, from

  • individual study areas to collaborative group work

  • areas, all equipped with tools like white

  • boards and media tables.

  • In our libraries, you can find our millions of books,

  • journals, DVDs, CDs, all of the other stuff we have, and

  • they can be accessed from any location.

  • Our expert librarians have created handy library guides,

  • which connect you to the resources you need for

  • specific subjects and classes.

  • If you get stuck, you can get help using our 27/7 ask a

  • librarian service.

  • Thank you for taking a library minute, where the

  • S stands for hope.


  • I always have an imaginary cape.


Hi, I'm Anali Perry, and this is a library minute.


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図書館ミニット ASU図書館101の紹介 (Library Minute: Intro to ASU Libraries 101)

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