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  • Minions!

  • Minions have been on this planet far longer than we have.

  • They go by many names.

  • Dave.

  • Carl.

  • That one is Norbit!

  • He's an idiot!

  • They all share the same goal.

  • To serve the most despicable master around.

  • Finding a master was easy.

  • Keeping a master...

  • Well that's where things got TRICKY.

  • But nonetheless, they kept on looking.

  • Without a master, they had no purpose.

  • They became aimless.

  • And depressed.

  • If this went on much longer...

  • they would surely perish!

  • But then, one minion stepped forward!

  • Kevin felt pride! He was going to be the one to find his tribe the biggest, baddest villain to serve!

  • Stuart felt...

  • hungry, mostly.

  • He was going to be the one to eat this banana.

  • And Bob...

  • Bob was frightened of the journey ahead.



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ミニオンズ2015公式予告編+予告編レビュー:Beyond The Trailer (Minions 2015 Official Trailer + Trailer Review : Beyond The Trailer)

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