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- I wish that Starbucks had like,
the for dummies menu, where it actually tells
you what all these drink names mean.
- [Voiceover] I've tried coffee, but never Starbucks.
- I don't like coffee.
- I've been in a Starbucks if that counts.
- If I put a ton of milk in it, it'll be okay.
- Standard Starbucks coffee.
- It smells terrible.
- I usually like the smell of coffee,
this one does seem really bitter to me.
- Alright, here I go.
- It's smooth, I'll give it that.
- Nothing special about it.
Not for me anyway.
- Burnt dirt.
- I don't know how people drink this.
- Tastes a little bit more like machine oil
than it does coffee.
- So this looks fun.
- Real coffee drinkers think this is basically dessert.
- Is there coffee in this?
- That's not bad.
- I get it now.
- It's like a milkshake, with just a little
bit of coffee flavor.
- It's just sugar.
- This is probably what God enjoys every
single morning.
- Yeah, the only reason that I like this
is because it's barely coffee.
Which I imagine is the reason why it's so popular.
- I could see people like, associating a drink
like this with the "basic" term.
- People be like, "Mmm, drinking coffee",
but you're not drinking coffee.
- But those basic bitches are clearly
on to something.
- Can I keep this?
- [Woman] Yeah.
- Excellent.
- [Brown Hair Girl] It sounds like,
very foreign and exciting like, "Oh, I'll have
"a caramel macchiato."
- Wasn't it started in Seattle?
Like, let's drop this Italian pretense.
- Nope.
- This I actually...
Don't mind.
- This is more of an adult drink.
- Would totally rather have the frappuccino
than the macchiato.
- This is for indecisive people.
People who are like, "I don't wanna drink
"straight up coffee, but I also don't wanna
"have the guilt that comes along with this one."
- If it was a matter of life and death,
and I had to pick a coffee item from Starbucks,
I would pick the caramel macchiato.
Life or death though.
- Oh, I don't think they live up to the hype
at all.
- I'll definitely go back for that frappuccino.
- I'm not going to start drinking coffee.
- If I did go to Starbucks again, I would just
order these.
- I don't think that their product is necessarily
superior to anyone else's.
- I'm gonna turn into Bevis at any moment.
Macchiato for my bung hole!


スターバックスを初めて飲んでみた感想 People Try Starbucks For The First Time

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