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- All right, congrats.
Welcome to the final round of the interview.
- Thank you.
- One quick last thing that we like to go over is
checking your spelling skills.
- Sure thing, all right.
- Get a lot of people coming in
got to spell their names right.
- Yeah, I understand.
- Real simple, nothing to worry about here.
Gonna start off with a lob, pretty easy, Mike.
- Now is that a Mike with an M?
- You're... Okay.
I'd be worried there for a second.
- Yeah, right.
- That's Myke with an M.
- Okay.
- Okay, another one, John.
- I'm sorry, could you please use it in a sentence for me?
- Yeah. Just, "Hi, I'm John."
- June.
- That's John.
I'm looking at John.
- Hey, let's go with Amy, my wife's name.
- I think I got all the letters there.
Let's check that out.
- Amy.
It's actually exactly how my wife spells it.
Here comes a curve ball...
- Uh-oh.
- Dan.
- I actually don't think I know any Dans.
- We actually get quite a few Dans here on a daily basis.
Call them our "Daily Dans."
You don't want to dissapoint them.
- Okay.
- Perfect!
- I think that's pretty close.
- Shading is a little off on the left clavicle but yeah!
Not bad.
I'm just realizing I don't even know your name,
and I guess it's good a time as any, ask you to spell that.
- Okay.
- Justin.
- Yes.
- Great, I think you've passed with flying colors here.
One last question, can you make a cup of coffee?
- No.
- Great. Can you start tomorrow?
- Yeah.
(techno music)


The Starbucks Interview Spelling Test

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