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  • This is a story about a pig named Wilbur who is born on the Arable farm. Mr. Arable wants

  • to kill Wilbur when he’s born because Wilbur is a runt, but Fern, Mr. Arable’s daughter,

  • saves him. Fern raises Wilbur until he is sold to Mr. Zuckerman, a farmer who lives

  • nearby.

  • Fern visits Wilbur a lot as Wilbur gets accustomed to his new home. However, Wilbur is lonely

  • and none of the other animals want to play with him.

  • One day, Wilbur hears a voice that offers friendship and it’s source is from a spider

  • named Charlotte. Charlotte and Wilbur become friends. However, Wilbur learns that Mr. Zuckerman

  • plans on killing him in the winter. Charlotte vows to save Wilbur’s life by any means

  • necessary.

  • Charlotte decides that to save Wilbur she must trick Mr. Zuckerman. She begins writing

  • words in her web so that everyone can read it. She writes, “Some Pig”, “Terrific”,

  • andRadiantover the course of weeks. This brings hundreds of visitors to Mr. Zuckerman’s

  • farm, which prompts him to enter Wilbur in the county fair as a showpig. Charlotte travels

  • with Wilbur to the fair for one more miracle.

  • At the county fair, Charlotte grows weaker and only has the energy to write one more

  • message in her web. She writesHumblewhich earns Wilbur a special bronze medal

  • from the county fair judges. Also at the fair, Charlotte creates an egg sac that contains

  • thousands of little eggs. Because a spider’s life is so short, Charlotte tells Wilbur that

  • she will die soon and not be able to return to the farm.

  • Wilbur takes the egg sac back to the farm and Charlotte dies at the fair grounds alone.

  • Back at the farm, Wilbur watches the egg sac until one day, little spiderlings begin to

  • emerge. Wilbur is overjoyed to see Charlotte’s children, but they soon start flying away

  • with the wind. However, three children stay behind and live in the doorframe that Charlotte

  • once lived.

  • In the end, Wilbur watches over Charlotte’s children and grandchildren, but never forgets

  • the sacrifice Charlotte made for friendship.

This is a story about a pig named Wilbur who is born on the Arable farm. Mr. Arable wants


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E.B.ホワイトの『シャーロットの巣』(要約) - ミニッツ・ブック・レポート (Charlotte's Web by E.B. White (Summary) - Minute Book Report)

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