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  • This episode of DNews is brought to you by Audible.

  • Milk does a body something. But even if you GOT it, do you WANT it?

  • Television has run commercials asking if we have milk and if we are drinking milk for our strong bones,

  • but science is starting to look at this and say, "hold up."

  • A study from Uppsala University in Sweden looked at how the amount of milk consumed can affect

  • health in the long term of various people, and according to their results, mo milk, is mo problems.

  • Their study, which followed over 100,000 men and women aged 39 to 79 years.

  • The women were followed for 20 years, and then men for 11, on average. Overall, their results found that

  • people who drank three or more glasses of milk per day died at almost TWICE the rate

  • of those who drank less than one. Sothat's huge. The study, published in BMJ, says the

  • reason for the increase in death MAY be because galactose // which SOUNDS like an awesome

  • bad guy from a 90s comic book, but it's not, it's a simple sugar found in milk. They picked

  • that sugar because of a separate study, where galactose was given to animals and

  • they died faster thanks to oxidative stress and inflammation.

  • Basically, according to their findings, the risk of death rose 15 percent for every glass of milk consumed per day,

  • and for women it actually INCREASED bone fractures, not decreased.

  • BEFORE YOU FREAK OUT AND DUMP YOUR DAIRY. Cheese and yogurt and stuff might be okay.

  • They have little or no galactose. Their study also found women who ate fermented cheese products

  • were LESS likely to die.

  • All this aside, the researchers ended their study by saying one of my favorite phrases:

  • MORE RESEARCH IS NEEDED. I quote, "People should not change their dietary habits because of this study."

  • It's correlation, not causation.

  • This got me thinking, why do we even drink moo juice in the first place? We're not the

  • ONLY species on the planet to drink another species milk. There are nursing baby animals

  • that drink milk from adopted lactating parents, but the thing isthey're all babies.

  • Most animals stop drinking milk and lose the ability to digest it as they age.

  • However, another study, also from Uppsala University // the Swedes drink a lot of milk, I guess // reports

  • ancient Iberian DNA might indicate why we drink milk at all! The enzyme that allows

  • us to drink milk, lactase, only evolved in the last 10,000 years (a blink of an eye in biological time)

  • The reason it evolved is because of disaster -- a famine. It was either, adapt or die,

  • and somehow the human body was able to form lactase persistence -- or the ability to digest lactose as an adult.

  • The drinking of milk would have allowed humans to gather vitamin D

  • and absorb calcium, keeping them alive and healthy -- similar to the newer study,

  • they also say cheese and yogurt are better, mostly because they're easier to consume

  • due to lower levels of lactose due to fermentation.

  • Bottom line, maybe think about cutting down on milk servings and substitute it for some yogurt or cheese instead.

  • too much dairy can cause health risks like weight gain, diabetes, cancer and osteoporosis.

  • It can also cause acne, digestive distress, allergies, asthma and more!

  • Dairy is controversial, simply because so many of us love it, but also because

  • its popular consumption in the US is driven by lobbyists.

  • You have to make your own decisions, so read the science and let us know what you think!

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This episode of DNews is brought to you by Audible.


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