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  • In the world of Zootopia...

  • humans never happened.

  • Which makes Zootopia

  • a modern civilized world

  • that is entirely

  • animal.

  • That is an animal.

  • Animals in Zootopia are "anthropomorphic".

  • That is just a big fancy word that means they walk around on two feet...

  • They do NOT go to work nude...

  • Thank you.

  • Almost...

  • That's got it...

  • And they use technology.

  • Okay, there are mammals from all over the globe in Zootopia.

  • Large and small.

  • Fast...and slow.

  • But the truth is

  • Zootopia isn't perfect.

  • And just like our world

  • not everyone gets along.

  • Especially natural enemies.

  • Which can create some...

  • issues.

  • But nature always gives animals special skills to survive.

  • And while one might have amazing night vision

  • another may have incredible hearing.

  • And an air-powered elephant tranquilizer.

  • So now you know.

In the world of Zootopia...


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ズートピア2016公式ティザー予告編+予告編レビュー:Beyond The Trailer (Zootopia 2016 Official Teaser Trailer + Trailer Review : Beyond The Trailer)

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