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  • [Narrator]: Well, that escalated quickly.


  • Welcome to, and today were counting down our picks for the top 10 unexpected movie deaths.


  • It goes without saying, but this entire list is one giant spoiler, so spoiler alert.


  • This flawed hero crash-lands on a deserted planet, with primitive criminal Riddick in tow.


  • Clearly the protagonist were meant to root for, Fry spends the movie keeping him and the shady monsters at bay,


  • so we shouldn’t be shocked that she bites it.


  • But, sigh, we are: just as she redeems herself, that sense oftheyre gonna escapesets in.


  • Then, boom: down with less than five minutes left.


  • [Hallorann]: How'd you like some ice cream, Doc?


  • [Narrator]: You know that thing about black guys dying in horror movies? He’s the original.


  • Without Dick, we wouldn’t even know what the shining is.


  • But that’s all he’s good for, even though they make it look like hell save the day.


  • He comes running from his sunny hideaway after Danny Torrance shines to him when his dad goes full axe-murderer.


  • But, well, it doesn’t work out too well.


  • Even if you’d read the book this was based on you would have been surprised because it’s completely different.


  • When you see someone like Julianne Moore in a trailer, you presume she’s going to serve an important purpose in the film.


  • We guess her function here is to show how hopeless the world can become after 18 years of female barrenness,


  • as she’s unceremoniously offed while trying to escape an ambush.


  • [Washburne]: I am a leaf on the wind, watch how I soar.


  • [Narrator]: Fans of the cancelled but cult hit showFireflygot to catch up with their beloved characters in this film.


  • And you’d think that’d be a good thing.


  • But we figure most enthusiasts were not expecting that some of those characters would end up impaled by a Reaver harpoon.


  • We'll explain.


  • [Washburne]: It's okay. I am a leaf on the wind.


  • [Reynolds]: What does that mean?


  • [Narrator]: After a tense flight and even tenser landing, Wash reaches his Zen.


  • [Washburne]: I am a leaf on the wind.


  • [Narrator]: Then dies.


  • [Washburne]: Watch how...


  • [Narrator]: Seriously, screw you movies.


  • [Feldheimer]: Appearances can be deceptive.


  • [Narrator]: Brad Pitt is no stranger to unexpected movie deaths:


  • between playing what’s in the box with John Doe...


  • [Mills]: What's in the f** box?


  • [Narrator]: ...or ping-ponging between cars minutes after he’s introduced inMeet Joe Black,” he’s shocked us before.


  • But it’s the time his buddy Clooney accidentally kills him that gets us most.


  • No matter what happens, this will always be the movie where Brad Pitt gets shot in the face.


  • [Vincent]: I could blow.


  • [Jules]: Oh! Oh! You ready to blow?


  • [Vincent]: Yeah, I'm ready to blow.


  • [Jules]: Well, I'm a mushroom-cloud-layin' motherf**, motherf**! Every time my fingers touch brain, I'm Superfly T.N.T., I'm the Guns of the Navarone!


  • [Narrator]: John Travolta is on both ends of unexpected deaths in this Tarantino mindbender.


  • The first comes when he and fellow hitman Sam Jackson are feuding about divine intervention when


  • [Jules]: What the f*'s happening, man? Ah, shit man!


  • [Vincent]: Oh man, I shot Marvin in the face.


  • ]Jules]: Why the f* did you do that!


  • [Vincent]: Well, I didn't mean to do it, it was an accident!


  • [Narrator]: ’Course, Vincent Vega’s own untimely demise is also a WTF moment, considering he’s a main character and there’s still an hour in the movie to go.


  • Don’t worry, though: Tarantino never tells stories in order, so he’s back pretty soon.


  • We thought it was in Steven Seagal’s contracts that he could not die.


  • Like, look at this cast of characters:


  • Youve got the ass-kicking, ponytail-wearing lead, some geeky guy in glasses, Halle Berry and a guy called Rat.


  • Who do you think dies?


  • But Seagal does go out in style by sacrificing himself to save the others and being sucked into oblivion.


  • Like forty minutes in.


  • Today’s generations have seen this death scene so many times it’s really not that shocking anymore.


  • You know: knife, violins, screaming, dead.


  • But consider this: it was 1960, and Hitchcock’s movie was being marketed on the strength of its famous star, Janet Leigh.


  • Then you actually get to the theater and, after tons of buildup, see she gets it in the shower halfway through.


  • Quite the switcheroo, we’d say.


  • [Sullivan]: Just f*ing kill me. Just f*ing kill me.


  • [Costigan]: I am killing you.


  • [Narrator]: If youre actually able to keep up with this movie and its multiple good-guy bad-guy moles,


  • you know Billy Costigan is one elevator ride away from being out of the undercover cop business.


  • And, you think Matt Damon’s gonna buy the farm.


  • But then the doors open, Leo’s brains go flying, and details that explain what the hell is going on flood in.


  • Yeah, the end’s a shocker too.


  • [Sullivan]: Okay.


  • [Narrator]: Nobody plays the angry guy who gets dismembered by toothy animals like Sam Jackson.


  • However, were still reeling from his demise inDeep Blue Sea,” considering he’s the movie’s biggest star.


  • In the middle of an inspirational speech about how he and his fellow sharkbait are not going to die, hedies.


  • [Franklin]: First, we're gonna seal off this...


  • [Narrator]: And when the main main character ends up swimming with the genetically mutated fishes at the end, forget about it.


  • Do you agree with our list?


  • Which movie deaths left you with your jaw on the floor?


  • You have any ideas you'd like to see turned into a video? Head over to and send us your ideas now.


  • [Washburn]: Can I make a suggestion that doesn't involve violence, or is this the wrong crowd?


[Narrator]: Well, that escalated quickly.



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