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The students can basically do anything they want.
In the sense that, we have our materials and we can teach them that.
But they can even come to us with other requests from their daily lives maybe.
And we can help them with that - overcome real challenges that they have.
What our service offers is that the student can take
a class with native speakers from the United States, from Australia, from
South Africa, but also can have teachers
like, I am from Serbia.
Because learning English is not about learning the grammar
and how to have a good pronunciation.
It's also, you learn English while you're talking with different people.
They ask you "What's the food like in your country?",
"Is it safe?", "Is it nice?", "What things you should visit when you see your country?"
So, I also learned a lot about Japan, a lot about Taiwan,
a lot about Spain and other countries where we have our service.
Our teachers are great.
They are cheerful,
and they will make you feel relaxed during the classes.
And you can improve your English through different kinds of lessons.
We have teachers from sixty countries now.
And hopefully we'll get more.
So, you can basically talk from
any point of the world with another point of the world.
So, Internet has connected us all.


Engoo- Online English Classes

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