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  • Hello everybody and welcome to

  • my name is Steve Ford

  • and welcome to another How to pass the TOEFL speaking section video

  • Above all else, the speaking section is about feeling comfortable

  • My aim is to pass on some tips to you so that you can be ready the day of your test

  • Today I will be going over an independent speaking question

  • Remember that independent speaking questions are basically divided into two types

  • proving or disproving one side of an argument or talking about a personal experience

  • Let's listen to the question, the student's answer

  • and afterward I will make some comments and suggestions

  • Here's the question:

  • OK! Let's look at our student's intro.

  • So "there have lots sight things" should be changed to "there are lots of tourist attractions"

  • The next part "and lots of friends who like to look at the things" could be

  • and lots of tourists who like to check them out"

  • That's a good phrasal verb right there "check out"

  • you really wanna focus on phrasal verbs to make sure that you can boost your score

  • So our student's first point covers the Kremlin as a tourist attraction and he says:

  • I like how he has introduced his first point "first of all", that will help you to stay focused.

  • We can add in "the" Kremlin whenever that's mentioned.

  • The odd mistake with articles and prepositions is OK, but if it's constant, it can drive your score down.

  • Next, "it's like a hub" Good simily, good word choice!

  • He can give himself a pat on the back for that one

  • "you can easy get by subway" that's pretty close, you could say, "you can EASILY get THERE by subway"

  • The next part is good, "you have some stations right beneath the main square."

  • "right beneath", couldn't have said it better myself! Sounds like a native speaker!

  • "And you can know the Red Square" "know" is not the right word choice when we are visiting a place.

  • I know it's used in other languages, but we need to change this to "and you can visit Red Square".

  • second point: "People who come to Moscow like to have some trips" here I would change "have some trips" to go sightseeing"

  • "breathtaking pictures" "breathtaking" is an awesome word choice

  • watch out for the pronunciation: breath(noun), breathe(verb) breathtaking.

  • the main store our student is referring to is a huge department store in downtown Moscow

  • and many other parts of Russia cities called GUM(according to Wikipedia)

  • if you're gonna make a local reference like that you wanna make sure you spell it out for your rater(evaluator)

  • third point: "You know there are a lot of churches, you can see some historyЕ.you can perceive history of Moscow and Russia by having a trip to the Kremlin."

  • So he talks about the many churches of Moscow and "perceive history" "I'm gonna change that to "get to know the history of Moscow and Russia"

  • one last thing I'd like to add in is

  • "having a trip to the Kremlin" is the wrong word choice and you should say "taking a trip to the Kremlin"

  • After the student's introduction, which was a little confusing, I found his answer to be cohesive with three separate examples, that's great!

  • giving some description to back them up

  • The student's word choice at times was unclear, but nothing major

  • There was a pretty good pace in his speaking, no long pausesЕ.umЕ..ahЕЕ

  • and there were no real issues regarding pronunciation

  • I liked how the student was able to compare some of the tourist attractions to something in his imagination

  • I really like that: "the Kremlin is sort of like a castle" and "it's like a hub".

  • This shows that the student has the ability to quickly think in an abstract way in English

  • not an easy task considering he only had 45 seconds to do it

  • By the way, this student already got the score he needed as he did considerable practice from the time of this recording

  • If you can pay attention to word choice, it will definitely boost your score.

  • Well everybody, we'll keep this short and sweet and I look forward to our next test prep. Video!

  • Bye for now!

Hello everybody and welcome to


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