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Hi Food Tuber's. I'm Alexis, French Guy Cooking
and today we're making the most famous and delicious French soup ever. The onion soup gratin.
Or in French, la soupe onion gratin.
It really is a simple and humble soup, but with so much flavour in it.
Sweet and caramelized onions, sweet onion and hearty stock, and topped with crispyand garlicy bread
and melted cheese of course.
t's supposed to be saved for broken hearts and bad hangovers. So in my opinion it's very useful.
Lets do it!
Start with one kilo of onions, which in my case is about 5 big ones.
Yellow or white ones, it doesn't matter.
Grab a sharp knife and start mincing those onions.
To do so, cut the onion in half, place the cut side down and start slicing at the opposite end of the root.
Oh by the way keep the root!
Because it's holding everything in place.
Every time I'm chopping onion, I cry. Well I'm not even sad. This is such a waste!
I hate waste. So maybe I could season the soup with my tears.
Place a heavy bottom pan, like this Dutch one for example, on medium heat.
To tablespoon butter go in, and a drizzle of natural oil to prevent it from burning.
Drop all the onions in.
If it looks too much, that's perfect.
Cos during cooking it will reduce a lot.
Season well with salt.
It will pull the moisture out, and help the caramelisation going on.
Stir it from time to time.
It takes about 30 minutes to reach a beautiful brown colour. Which is the secret to a perfect onion soup.
When it looks good pour in a glass of white wine.
Do not use a sweet wine, because we are looking to balance the flavour and the onions are already sweet.
Instead use a dry wine, or in a more appetizing word, fresh wine.
This section is called the deglazing, but really it's simple scraping and dissolving the brown and calamelised bits
from the bottom. And using those to pump up the flavour of the sauce.
If you want to, you can replace the alcohol with one cup of apple cider vinegar.
Afterwards add one tablespoon of flour, mix well and cook for about a minute.
Add one litre of organic beef stock.
Of course if you want to keep it vegetarian just use vegetable stock.
Add a bunch of herbs, like thyme, rosemary or bay leaves.
Let the soup simmer for about twenty minutes,
don't season the soup too early, because when simmering it's evaporating, it will get stronger and more
Taste it at the end and adjust.
Adding a dash of cognac or brandy will make it man.
Well I'm basically planning on revealing every secret of the french cuisine, so
stay tuned!
To build a crust. Grill up some bread
rub it with garlic, and make slice float on top of the soup.
Of course using stale bread for that job would be just as good.
Sprinkle that with a guilty amount of melted cheese.
Swiss Green cheese is fine, but for a truly French touch use Comté cheese.
And please don't go light.
It's supposed to be decadent.
Pop this bowl in a pre-heated oven set to boiling mode and full whack.
The soups are ready when the tops of crispy and golden.
That's why gratin.
They look beautiful, right? Trust me, they taste amazing!
To eat it you're supposed to get a bit of everything. Cheese, bread, and of course that silky and flavourful
I told you this is about comfort food.
It's a perfect on a, wet Mondays.
If you want to brighten your day. It looks quite magical.
Like, comment, share. Subscribe to Food Tube, and my channel too for many more delicious recipes.
Bye-bye! Salut!



Classic French Onion Soup | French Guy Cooking

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