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- Hey everybody, we're the Try Guys!
- And we're here at the 45th Annual
Los Angeles Pride Parade.
- To show BuzzFeed's support for the LGBTQIA community.
- To everyone around the world, Happy Pride!
- Let's go dance!
(dance music)
- Tell us a little more about your organization.
- Well, amBi was founded in 2006.
It's a group for bi people just to hang out
with other bi people and have fun.
- Are we going to be able to dance on the truck?
- We're on the top of a car!
- Where am I going to change?
- Yeah, dick's out.
- Zach, your penis is out in public.
- [Voiceover] Dick's away! Dick's away! We're good!
- You don't need a close-up on that.
- I don't know if I should wear this.
- It's a lot.
- But I'll put it on for you guys.
- 'Cause you bought it.
- I'm a cowboy!
- I just put on a tutu and a jockstrap.
- [Voiceover] Guys, I feel self-conscious.
- We're gonna walk across the street soon.
We're about to get into the main part of the Pride Parade.
- [Voiceover] That's awesome.
- Yeah.
- I love you so much already. What are you proud about?
- [Woman] I'm proud that we can be comfortable and open.
No judgment zone. And no hate.
- [Man] Yes, no hate. - [Woman] No hate.
- I celebrate you. For your body.
Where's the tattoo?
- Go Zach. Go in the water.
Zach's in the water.
- Fuck, it hit me in the head.
- I am proud of this beautiful community.
- I'm proud of this community
and the beautiful people attending it.
- I'm proud that we can all celebrate
us being able to be whoever we are.
- I'm proud of being who I am and celebrate how I am.
- I'm proud to be who I am as well.
I'm a guy that has a nice butt.
- That's pretty good. That's pretty good.
I just learned something.
- I'm proud to be here with my best friends
who are straight and also not straight.
- Everything.
- Equality.
- I'm proud about pride and being pansexual!
- That means you're the most fun person ever. -yeah i know!
- [Voiceover] What are you proud of?
- My abs!
- I'm proud of his abs too!
Look at these abs!
You could wash clothing in the 19th century on those abs.
- I got a big flag now, what up!
- [Voiceover] What a great time, this is great.
Everybody's so jovial.
There's also like a billion people here. -heehee heeheehee-
- I hope you saw his butt.
- It's a music video.
- What are you proud about today?
What are you celebrating?
- I'm celebrating my two moms. They're getting married.
- Weddings! I love weddings! I love weddings!
- [Woman] My dads. - [Man] Your dads!
You wanna say anything to your dads right now?
- I love them very, very much.
- Tell me what you're most proud of.
- Myself.
- Moral of the story: be proud of yourself, right?
- [Woman] Myself.
- [Man] Yes. All of this!
- The best thing about the gay community
is that there's so much love and support.
So much love and support.
Anyone who wants to demean that, get out.
- [Voiceover] And there were like,
400,000 people here today.
- [Voiceover] Yeah, there were so many people! -yeah so cool
- What I think was really interesting too is
this is such a happy, positive place
and this is such an open, welcoming community
but even here, there were anti-gay protestors.
But, instead of fighting back at it with more hate and anger
the people here fought back at it with love,
and I think that's the great way to go.
- [Voiceover] Yeah, always fight with love.
- I think it's important to remember
no matter how far we've come, no matter
how great and supportive this community is,
there's still a long way to go and they need
your support, they need to know that you love them,
and pride is a great thing. - [Voiceover] Pride's great.
- [Voiceover] The more love you have, the more love you show
the better it is. I love you guys!
- I love you!
We love the gay community! We love everybody.
- [Voiceover] Let's hug the cameras.
- [All] Yeah.
We love you.


The Try Guys March In The Pride Parade

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