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  • Does absence make the heart grow fonder?


  • New science says dating long-distance might make a better relationship.


  • Hey, distance daters, welcome to DNews.

    遠距離恋愛中の皆さん、D Newsへようこそ。

  • Trace here with the science lowdown on the dreaded long-distance relationship, or LDR.


  • Three million Americans are part of an LDR. 25% to 50% of college students are currently in one right now.


  • Of the non-college group, reasons could be military deployment, work preferences or requirements, internet dating, and even immigration and visa delays.


  • The internet helps us feel closer, even when we're far apart.


  • So long-distance relationships are growing in popularity.


  • Technology like text messaging, instant messaging, video chat, they all help us feel the sense of inclusion and intimacy that we wouldn't have been able to get only 10 or 15 years ago.

    テキストメッセージ、インスタントメッセージ、ビデオチャットなどの技術によりほんの10~15年前にはあり得なかった、一体性や親密性を感じることができるようになっています。 2010年に行われた研究によると

  • The research from 2010 says romance does kind of require face to face interaction. Newer research, that's saying the opposite.

    恋には対面での交流が必要であるということです。ただ、新たな研究ではそれと反対のことが述べられています。 ジャーナル・オブ・セックス・アンド・マリタルセラピーに掲載の研究によると

  • A study in the Journal of Sex and Marital Therapy says, those in long-distance relationships might actually be better at dating.


  • Researchers recruited people in close-by and long-distance relationships, who filled out a series of questionnaires tackling their intimacy, their commitment, their communication, psychological distress, and sexual satisfaction, or lack thereof.

    一連の質問に答えてもらいました。質問の内容は、交際相手との親密度、献身の度合い、コミュニケーション、心理的苦悩、性的満足度や不満度です。 遠距離恋愛中の人たちには、交際相手と会う頻度もたずねました。

  • Those in an LDR also indicated how often that they got to see each other.


  • Though both groups were doing well, the LDR couples were better functioning couples, reporting higher levels of satisfaction, intimacy, and communication.

    遠距離恋愛中のカップルの方が良好な関係を築けており満足度、親密度、コミュニケーションの数値が高かったのです。 近距離のカップルは、セックスの回数では勝りました。

  • The close-by couples win in the area of getting laid more.


  • Basically, LDR couples have to replace their physical closeness with emotional closeness.


  • While the close-by couples were overlooking some of their problems, the long-distance couples, they were forced to sort them out.

    遠距離のカップルはそれらを解決しなければなりません。 パシフィック・マガジンではこのように言われています。

  • A piece in Pacific Magazine puts it this way, "Long-distance couples are arguably better at discussing sex, and those who live nearby actually have more sex."

    「遠距離恋愛中のカップルは、ほぼ間違いなく、セックスについて話し合うのが上手く近距離恋愛中のカップルは、セックスの回数が多くなる」と。 ジャーナル・オブ・コミュニケーションに今年掲載された、別の研究によると

  • A separate study this year in the Journal of Communication tipped the scales even farther toward long-distance couples, indicating that they form even deeper bonds than their nearby neighbors because of all of that sharing.

    遠距離恋愛中のカップルについて、近所の人たちとよりも、深い関係を築くことができているとも示されています。様々なことを共有できているからです。 僕の友人は「遠距離恋愛の秘訣」なんて呼んでいますが、皆さんの中には

  • Something those of us who are very familiar with the long-distance thing, as my friends call it, know very well because, you know, you're just always talking.

    これによく共感できる人もいるでしょう。だって、遠距離恋愛中ならいつも話して ずっと話して話して、もっと話して

  • You're just talking and talking, and there's more talking and some talking and talking.


  • In the end, all this communication leads to a greater sense of mental intimacy, which is great, if lonely.


  • Psychotherapist and author, Rachel Sussman, points out the loneliness factor isn't really considered much in this research, but it can be really stressful for people, which is a good point.

    心理療法士であり、作家でもあるレイチェル・サスマンはこの研究について、孤独感の要素があまり考慮されていない、と指摘しています。 この孤独感というのは、人にとって非常にストレス要素となり得ます。 確かにそうですよね。

  • Also, they don't really consider the jealousy factor.


  • If you're a jealous person with a high level of FOMO, things could go sour, fast.

    嫉妬深く、FOMO(※ 楽しいことを逃すことへの恐怖心)のレベルが高ければすぐにまずい状況になるかもしれません。

  • "Lifehacker" has a couple of helpful tips to make LDR last, like make date nights, where you video chat, eat dinner, watch a movie, text things like "wish you were here" to alleviate jealousy.

    「ライフハッカー」から、遠距離恋愛を続かせるコツを少し紹介しましょう。デートの夜を計画するのです。 これはビデオチャットして夜ご飯を食べ、映画を見て 「あなたがここにいてくれれば良いのに」といったことをメールするのです。

  • And when you talk, be present.


  • Non-verbal cues are really important.


  • Most importantly, have an end date.


  • If there is no end to the tunnel, then there's no light to look forward to. Right? Right?


  • What if some of the most famous relationships were LDRs?


  • I wonder how like, Mary Todd Lincoln would have tolerated Abe's brutal honesty?


  • The word "independence" may have no A's in it.


  • The declaration may have no holes.


  • But when you look at the people who signed it, there are a lot of a-holes.


  • That guy just does not hold back.


  • Anyway, be sure to check out brutally honest Abe for more of his delightful truth bombs, and tell us your thoughts about the long-distance thing in the comments area below.

    エイブラハムは、隠し事というのをしなかったのですね。まあ、”brutally honest Abe”(ばか正直のエイブ)で 面白い、正直な爆弾発言をご覧ください。

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  • Thanks for watching.


Does absence make the heart grow fonder?


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