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When I was in the sixth grade, I cut my hair to a pixie cut.
Really short, almost like a boy.
You know, and I thought it was cool, and I loved it,
and I was really excited about it.
And I went to school, and a lot of - like so - you know,
some people were really positive about it.
But there was a lot of people that were really mean
and they'd say things like you look like a boy.
We can't tell the difference.
You better put on a skirt tomorrow,
otherwise you - we might - we won't know if, like who you are
and if you're a boy or a girl or not.
It made me really sad.
It didn't feel very good.
And on top of it, I was - I had an older brother.
And I played a lot of sports because of that and because
of him.
And so everybody just - they were like now you're
really turning into a boy.
One step closer.
And it wasn't until my brother actually stood up for me
and told them that it's - the hair is just a thing that
will grow back, and that it doesn't change the person,
and sort of talked to the few people that were being mean,
and weren't embracing the choice that I made,
that everyone sorta left me alone.
But he was bigger.
I mean, my brother is five years older than me.
And he was - he was - he was like my support
system at that time.
And he stood up for me and made sure that I didn't feel alone.
It really made the biggest difference for me.


Bystander Revolution: Nina Dobrev | Pixie Haircut

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Regina 2015 年 7 月 7 日 に公開
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