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  • Yeah, that should do it. Good idea.

  • I'll have the Royal Canadian Mounted beef barley soup.

  • - Ooh, yeah. - And then that bucket of salad.

  • - I'll split that with you. - You will? That would help.

  • And then the medley of perch.

  • That's my favorite. OK.

  • Miss, what's the Old '96er?

  • That's our world-famous Paul Bunyan's blue ox steak.

  • It is a 96-ounce prime-aged beef steak

  • and if any member of your party orders the Old '96er and finishes,

  • everybody eats for free.

  • - Not bad, huh? - Wanna go for it, girls?

  • - How about you, Chet? - People like it.

  • - I'll try it. What the heck? - Has anybody ever eaten one?

  • Oh... no. Not in my lifetime, no.

  • Bon appÄ‚Ĺ tit.

  • Oh, good God.

  • Let's check it out.

  • How is he?

  • That's good. Processing very nicely. All right, continue.

  • - All right. - I did it!

  • - That just about does it. - He's not done yet.

  • He may take a while with that last bite but it'll go.

  • - That ain't the last bite. - Sure it is.

  • There's nothing left but gristle and fat.

  • - Oh, God, no. - No problem.

  • If I can get a dessert down him,

  • can we get some Paul Bunyan hats for the kids?

Yeah, that should do it. Good idea.


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The Great Outdoors (7/10) Movie CLIP - The Old '96er (1988) HD (The Great Outdoors (7/10) Movie CLIP - The Old '96er (1988) HD)

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