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  • What'd you do?

  • You're not an engineer.

  • You're not a designer.

  • You can't put a hammer to a nail.

  • I built the circuit board.

  • The graphical interface was STOLEN!

  • So how come

  • ten times in a day

  • I read Steve Jobs is a genius?

  • What do you DO?

  • Musicians play their instruments.

  • I play the orchestra.

  • I hear you've been worse than usual this morning

  • I didn't think that was possible...

  • It's a system error -

  • - FIX IT. - Fix it?! - Yeah.

  • We're not a pit crew at Daytona!

  • This can't be fixed in seconds!

  • You didn't have seconds

  • you had THREE WEEKS, the universe was created in a third of that time!

  • Well, someday you'll have to tell us how you did it.

  • I'm begging you to manage expectations out there.

  • You see how this reminds you of a friendly face?

  • It's warm, and it's playful and inviting

  • and it needs to say HELLO!

  • If you keep alienating people for no reason

  • there's no one left for it to say hello TO!

  • Your Apple stock was worth $441 million dollars

  • while your daughter and her mother are on welfare!

  • She's not my daughter!

  • You must be able to see that she looks like you...

  • You're issuing contradictory instructions, you're insubordinate

  • you make people miserable.

  • Even if that were true...

  • that doesn't sound that diabolical to me.

  • We've spoken to the fire marshall and the building manager

  • they're going to come in and tell everyone to leave.

  • If a fire causes a stampede to the unmarked exits

  • it will have been well worth it for those who survive.

  • The board believes you're no longer necessary to this company.

  • I sat in a garage and invented the future

  • because artists lead and hacks ask for a show of hands!

  • You're gonna end me, aren't you.

  • You're being ridiculous.

  • I'm gonna sit center court and watch you do it yourself.

  • Make everything all right with Lisa.

  • Fix it!

  • Ladies and gentlemen!

  • Please welcome...

What'd you do?


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スティーブ・ジョブズ 2015 公式予告編+予告編レビュー - Beyond The Trailer (Steve Jobs 2015 Official Trailer + Trailer Review - Beyond The Trailer)

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