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  • (humming rhythmic song)

  • - I don't really know much about tuxedos

  • except for that penguins wear them.

  • - I don't know. I feel indifferent.

  • - Normally, I would be concerned

  • that I'm not gonna be able to move my arms,

  • because my shoulders will get stuck,

  • but because this is a men's suit,

  • I have a feeling it might fit my shoulders better.

  • - No one in my family really wears tuxes or suits.

  • I just imagine that anything has to be

  • more comfortable than what women wear.

  • - I think it leaves room for your dick

  • 'cause it's like really long in the front.

  • - Worrying about one part

  • that dudes do not have to worry about,

  • which is the breasts.

  • - I don't know.

  • I don't know how to read boy sizes.

  • It's just like 27, 32, 45.

  • It's like, oh are we doing football plays?

  • - (scoffs indistinctly).

  • - Why would anyone want to wear this on their wedding day?

  • This is the most uncomfortable thing.

  • - I feel like I look like one of those

  • 1930s big band singers.

  • Hey man, won't you let the band play

  • Hey man, won't you let the band play

  • - Oh, I'm not used to buttoning all the buttons.

  • (gasps) I feel like I'm being suffocated.

  • - This you should put in slow motion.

  • Ahh.

  • - There's so many things.

  • I have no idea how to do this. (laughs)

  • This can't fit over my head.

  • - (snorts) You guys wear these?

  • - Oh, f##k yeah!

  • Oh, hell yeah!

  • Okay, well it kinda looks like I have a diaper on.

  • - It's making me realize I really like

  • the woman's fit on my body.

  • I prefer a tighter pant.

  • - I always was like, oh guys have it so easy

  • because suits are comfortable and they can move around,

  • and dresses are terrible 'cause you're basically like

  • stuck in one position all night.

  • But suits are not comfortable.

  • Guys have it bad in just a different kind of way.

  • - I guess I wasn't giving guys enough credit

  • for how they were wearing tuxes and putting tuxes together

  • because this was more work than I expected.

  • - And it's got pockets!

  • - (grunts) Do I look like Count Dracula?

(humming rhythmic song)


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女性が初めてタキシードに挑戦 (Women Try Tuxes For The First Time)

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