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  • Are we

  • are we cool with what happened last night?

  • Bros before Hoes!

  • Right?

  • Yeah!

  • Right?

  • Yeah man!

  • Junk before Trunk

  • A'ight, Balls before Dolls

  • Compadres before I sleep with two Madres

  • Brad Pitt before grab Clit!

  • These nuts before skinny sluts

  • Masturbate before ask her to date

  • Beef stew before watching The View

  • Male erection before One Direction

  • Mario and Luigi before Thelma and Laweezie

  • Bert and Ernie before Squirt and Spermy

  • Man purses

  • before...

  • regular purses!

  • makes sense!

  • Yeah!

  • Okay!

  • Sports before genital warts

  • no fucking...

  • John Madden before

  • Jasmine from Aladdin!

  • Yes! We just said that at the same time!

  • Alright man, I should probably, I see you back at the house yeah?

  • See you brother, alright good talk man

  • later.

Are we


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B2 中上級

悪い隣人ブロスの前にHoes (+Subtitle) (Bad Neighbors Bros before Hoes (+Subtitle))

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    Jenny Hsu に公開 2021 年 01 月 14 日