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Mr President, I'm ASIMO, a humanoid robot. It is a pleasure to meet you.
Well it's nice to meet you too.
- I can run really fast.
A presidential close encounter with a robot as Barack Obama tours a museum in Tokyo during
his official visit to Japan.
-Wow, he's moving.
ASIMO, who is manufactured by car-maker Honda, also showing off its hopping on one leg skills
before challenging the president to a spot of football, sorry soccer.
- I can kick a soccer ball too.
OK, come on.
OK, come on now, ready. Right here.
Here I go.
Good job.
Obama also shown a disaster relief robot jointly funded by Japanese investors and the US government.
The president impressed and also a bit spooked.
We saw some truly amazing robots, although I have to say the robots were a little scary.
They were too lifelike. They were amazing and these students showed me some of their
experiments including some soccer-playing robots.
Obama in Asia for a week-long, four-nation tour. You know how these Americans like to
pack it in. This his only full day in Japan. He's due to head off to to South Korea on
Friday on a trip that also includes Malaysia and the Philippines.


バラク・オバマが日本でロボットと一緒にサッカーをした。(Barack Obama plays soccer with a robot in Japan)

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