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minasan, konnichiwa. chika desu!
Hey guys! It's Chika!
Welcome to the Japanagos Channel!
Today, I want to share with you guys
a little bit about my trip to Osaka
that I took last month.
Osaka is the third largest city in Japan
and about a 2 and a half hour bullet train ride
from Tokyo.
A lot of people already know about Kyoto and Tokyo,
and Osaka is kind of the new tourist spot for Japan.
I got to go there for work last month
and since it was my first time,
I decided to do some exploring!
a two and half hour bullet train ride from Tokyo,
that's not very far.
I could definitely take a day trip there,
but when you get there,
it's like you've entered another country!
Osaka is famous for being "hade." (派手)
"Hade" means extravagant,
but it can also be used to describe things
that are too flashy, gaudy, or even tacky.
You will never see displays like that in Tokyo!
Maybe some parts. Maybe a few things,
but every restaurant, every store, every shop
has a huge display outside!
Here's a dragon behind me.
That's one big sushi and a huge hand
coming out of that window!
Everything is just so flashy, so crazy,
so bright!
If you think that Tokyo has a lot of neon lights,
wait till you come to Osaka!
Another thing that's very different about Osaka
how the people are.
My first night there, I had a meet-up with
my chika-tomos (chika-friends) from the Kansai area.
They're very open, they're very friendly.
They've got this merchant spirit so they're very direct.
but not in a way that makes you feel bad.
People in Osaka don't sugarcoat things,
they don't beat around the bush.
That makes things a lot easier I think, in a way.
I feel like, living in the states for so long,
that if you came straight from the states
it would actually be a really comfortable place.
but coming from Tokyo,
I've lived in Tokyo for 7 years now
So I'm used to the Tokyo ways.
which is like...
Everyone is kind of cold,
there's a bit of distance between everyone.
and the way you say things is kind of roundabout.
I don't know if you guys have ever heard this term,
but there's a term called "nori ga ii."
This is used to describe people or a person.
This means that they are
always wiling to go along with anything.
"nori" means ride,
and "ii" means good.
so good ride. like they're good riders.
They'll ride on, get on with everything.
and people in Kansai (or kansai-jin)
are known for being "nori ga ii."
Aside from all of the awesome people,
another great thing about Osaka
is all of the delicious local specialties!
like kushikatsu!
Kushikatsu Daruma.
It's a chain. They've got them everywhere in Osaka.
but it's okay!
It's my first time here, so let's try something typical.
Kushikatsu is an Osaka meibutsu (名物)
or local specialty.
They're deep fried skewers,
anything from meat to seafood to veggies.
They're well-battered, lightly breaded,
and fried to perfection!
And with their wide selection of
non-mean, non-seafood ingredients,
it's a great vegetarian option as well.
Satsumaimo (さつまいも) This is yam.
It's my favorite!
satsumaimo no kushikatsu
Oishii (delicious)
I might have had one skewer too many.
chotto tabesugichatta kamo (I might have eaten too much)
The third day, I hung out with my friends from
the Wrecking Crew Orchestra.
who I met in Australia,
they're the cool guys that do the light performances.
They're actually from Osaka,
so I met up with them and
they gave me a tour of the area.
We met up in the morning
and took the water bus to Osaka Castle or Osaka-jyo.
Osaka-jyo is one of the three great castles of Japan.
along with Kumamoto-jyo and Nagoya-jyo.
It completed in the late 1590's
and was built to be the center of a new unified Japan
ruled by Toyotomi Hideyoshi.
In other words, it was THE castle at the time,
built very strategically,
with massive stone walls,
and multiple moats making it very challenging
for the enemies during battle.
But the castle has been reconstructed
a number of times since then.
and the last time was in 1997,
when they made it a bit too modern
with an elevator right outside it.
wheelchair accessible, which is really, really nice,
but kind of odd
that there's an elevator going up to the castle.
Inside is this museum
with historical documents, artworks,
and old battle uniforms.
But there's nothing left of the original interior
nor anything that resembles it.
I think they modernized it a bit too much.
It's almost a bit tacky.
I wouldn't go as far as to say
don't go in, it's not worth it,
but the highlight of the visit
is definitely seeing the castle from outside,
and walking around the beautiful park.
Oh, and if you're there in the winter,
don't forget to get some yaki-imo (焼きいも)
or baked sweet potato
because they are so good
and they warm you right up!
It's like dessert!
OMG, it is so sweet!
After teasing our appetites
with the delicious yaki-imo,
we were ready for a full meal!
So we decided to go eat okonomiyaki!
Yup, they're dancers!
Okonomiyaki is another Osaka meibutsu.
It's like a savory pancake with chopped up cabbage,
and other customizable ingredients.
"okonomi" means preference or as you like it,
so you pick all of your favorite things,
and they'll make it as you like it!
atsusou! (looks hot!)
Our last stop of the day
was a place called Tsutenkaku.
It's a small observatory tower
inspired by the Eiffel Tower
in an area called Shinsekai (New World).
Shinsekai was built in 1912
inspired by the cityscapes of New York and Paris.
There hasn't been much development since then,
and it's been known as the sketchy area in Osaka.
Now, we're going to go up to the top of the tower!
This Tsutenkaku tower was seriously
the strangest place!
It was supposedly modeled after the Eiffel Tower,
but inside was a candyland,
a hallway full of gacha-gacha machines,
a manga exhibit,
and statues of Billiken,
a charm doll invented by an American
art teacher in Kansas City, Missouri.
or perhaps, better known as the official mascot
of St. Louis University.
So Billiken was introduced to Japan
in the Meiji Period.
and became a really popular character.
Around the same time,
an amusement park called Luna Park
was built in this Shinsekai area,
and a statue of Billiken was put there.
and since then
he's become kind of a symbol
of the New World (Shinsekai) area
and this observatory tower.
Don't forget to rub his feet for good luck!
On my last day in Osaka,
I decided to go visit Sumiyoshi Taisha.
Right now, I've come to Sumiyoshi Taisha.
This is a famous Shinto shrine in Osaka.
This place is really, really old.
It's been around since the 3rd century.
Alright, let's go in!
So this Sumiyoshi-style architecture that you see,
is said to be the oldest in the history of Shinto shrines.
It was built before Chinese influence,
and therefore, is known to be a purely Japanese
architecture style.
The place was just really amazing,
and really different,
I was there for like over 2 and a half hours
just taking pictures and filming.
I'm sure it gets really, really crazy for hatsumode
at the beginning of the year.
So I came at a good time.
I prayed and
did my nenmatsumode (end of the year shrine-visit)
at Sumiyoshi Taisha in Osaka.
So there you have it!
My first ever trip to Osaka!
I had so much fun!
and even though a lot of the places I visited
were typical tourist destinations,
I hope that you were able to kind of get a feel
for what Osaka is like
and how it's different from Tokyo.
Tokyo is pretty crazy too,
but...I don't know,
the displays, the signage, the posters
a lot more extravagant and colorful.
Kind of tacky from a Tokyo perspective I guess,
but it works here in Osaka.
Everyone is so friendly here
and I feel so much more comfortable filming
in Osaka than I do in Tokyo.
I feel like in Tokyo, people look at me funny.
The bags under my eyes are terrible!
but forgive me.
If I talk like this, you can't see.
so yes, you can look up my nose.
Even though our country is smaller
than the state of California,
we've got so many different cultures
within our tiny, little country.
and when you compare Tokyo and Osaka,
it is very, very different.
I mean, just coming from Tokyo,
it's kind of a culture shock.
So if you came from outside of Japan,
you'd have so much fun
looking at all of the crazy things.
There's so much more to it,
I couldn't possibly show you guys in a 10min video,
but I hope that this video gave you
some of the highlights
and made you want to go visit
Osaka for yourself someday.
Let me know what part of Osaka
you found most interesting in my video.
or if there's something else you want to see
or something else you want to know about Osaka,
let me know, so I can find out for you next time!
because I definitely plan on visiting again!
Alright guys, I hope you enjoyed this video.
and I will see you guys again soon!
See ya!


初めての大阪観光!My trip to Osaka!

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