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  • "A fatal accident in the chemical department

  • of a local manufacture facility claim the of a worker."

  • "Release at this

  • production facility claims one life. Authorities say 5 others

  • were taken to a nearby hospital." "A public works employee

  • who was checking for a leak this morning was overcome by what is suspected

  • to a lack of oxygen. Authorities say decaying material in the hole apparently

  • caused the sewer death."

  • Music

  • When breathable air

  • is replace by air born contaminates or oxygen deficient atomosphere

  • it can creep up on you without warning.

  • You can easily be caught off guard if you not wearing a respirator.

  • Some times it takes years for the damage to show up

  • and by then it's irreversible. Bottom line

  • we all know respirators like these can be inconvenient

  • at times or they can seem like a hassle to wear

  • and you and I both know they can be hot and annoying when temperatures soar.

  • But they can be vital to your survival. In the next few minutes

  • we will show you why.

"A fatal accident in the chemical department


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B2 中上級

呼吸器の保護 (Respiratory Protection Intro)

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