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  • (rock music)

  • - Did you just check that guy out?

  • - No.

  • - Okay, you're definitely talking to him.

  • - No, I don't want to.

  • - Well, I gotta go to the bathroom to powder my nose.

  • - Don't do this to me!

  • Stop it!

  • - Hi.

  • - Hey.

  • (giggling)

  • Why does he have no posters or pictures?

  • Does he have a family?

  • Does anybody love him?

  • Like your place.

  • - Thanks.

  • (giggling)

  • - [Voiceover] I'm so nervous I'm gonna make a bad joke.

  • Can never be too careful with a one night stand.

  • - Yeah.

  • (giggling)

  • - [Voiceover] Should I put on my clothes

  • before getting in his bed, or will he be grossed out?

  • Is that unsanitary? I'm very clean.

  • Thanks.

  • How do I brush my teeth?

  • Do I use my finger?

  • That's disgusting.

  • What if I never find out his last name,

  • how will I stalk him on Facebook?

  • Do I have to talk to his roommate?

  • What am I gonna say?

  • Hello, I'm having a one night stand?

  • Hi, I'm Nick's friend.

  • Do I text my roommates and tell them I'm not coming home?

  • They're never gonna believe I'm at a guy's place.

  • Oh man, we're gonna have a good brunch.

  • Maybe they called the cops.

  • Why do all boys have navy sheets

  • and decorate with empty bottles of liquor?

  • Are we supposed to snuggle?

  • Oh, that's nice.

  • Oh, is it rude if I move his arm away?

  • Why is it so heavy?

  • Uh, just gonna ruin the moment

  • by moving his arm because I can't breathe.

  • (snoring)

  • What if he doesn't stop snoring and I can't fall asleep?

  • What if I snore super loudly and he lays awake

  • in the dark resenting me?

  • What do I do now?

  • Should I sneak off like in the movies?

  • - Hey, are you hungry?

  • - Oh, I'm okay.

  • (stomach growling)

  • - Do I have to leave before noon

  • for this to be a one night stand?

  • Is there a rule?

  • - Here you go.

  • - Thanks.

  • What if he actually asks me out?

  • This would be such an adorable beginning to a relationship.

  • What if I wanna see him again?

  • I know where he lives.

  • (traffic noises)

  • How do I get home from here?

(rock music)


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