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  • Welcome to our review of the Wix Website Builder. You may have heard of Wix while you were

  • watching the Super Bowl this year. They premiered their "It's That Easy" commercial with a

  • handful of NFL legends. An impressive 60 million websites have already been created with Wix

  • giving a home to portfolios, online stores, restaurants and a whole lot more.

  • The basic version of Wix is free, if you need more features, you can upgrade to one of their

  • premium plans. Their e-commerce plan allows you to run an online store powered by Wix. For

  • more information on this, please have a look at our detailed Wix online store review. Here's a

  • sample website we created with the free version of Wix: A modern one-page layout with a sticky

  • header and some cool scrolling behavior. You can either pick a design from Wix's palette or start

  • completely from scratch, not a single line of coding is needed to create such a website. The

  • editor reminds us a little bit of Photoshop in that it gives you plenty of freedom. You can add an

  • element from the sidebar and then by clicking on it, you can edit it to suit your own needs,

  • change fonts or rearrange elements.

  • Editing images is also very convenient because you don't need any additional photo-editing

  • software. You can crop and resize your images or change the brightness as you wish. You can

  • add a blog with just one click, right click on a post to edit or add a new blog post. The process is

  • like writing an article in typical text-editing software, it's not fancy but it's functional. Keep in

  • mind that only 1 editor can contribute articles.

  • Should you need a function like a comment option or an event calendar that is not available on

  • the editor, simply go to the Wix App Market. Chances are that you will find what you need there,

  • here you can see some examples. Now let's take a look at the SEO settings, these settings are

  • very important to search engines such as Google or Bing. As you can see, you can add

  • information like page title or a description. Don't forget to add some alt texts to your pictures,

  • they help to describe your images and contribute to your SEO rankings. Though the URLs look

  • somewhat strange, your website will get perfectly indexed. However, we would have loved to be

  • able to change URL names manually. As Google is not a big fan of slow sites, use photos and

  • animations wisely to avoid long loading times. When we're done we click on "Save" and

  • preview everything, you can test the behavior of your website and your mobile version.

  • Finally, we click on "Publish", this is our live website now. The great thing about Wix is that the

  • editor gives you a lot of creative freedom. We loved the choice of modern templates but we also

  • appreciate that you can build your own website from scratch like we did for this video. The Wix

  • App Market gives you even more flexibility to enrich your website with many additional

  • features. We are a little bit disappointed that you can't switch your template afterwards with a

  • single click, you will completely lose your content. Also, we think that the online store shouldn't

  • be limited exclusively to the e-commerce plan as it is quite pricey. The blog is very basic, we

  • don't consider it a sophisticated solution for blogging purposes.

  • Now that you know the ins and outs of Wix, it's up to you to decide whether you want to give it

  • a go. We recommend it in particular for a visual website whose purpose is to impress its visitors.

  • Wix is not perfect but it's that easy. In case you're still not sure if Wix's Website Builder is the

  • right choice for you, you will find a comparison chart of different providers at

  • and if you found this video useful, we'd be very happy to receive a thumbs

  • up in the comment. Thanks for watching.

Welcome to our review of the Wix Website Builder. You may have heard of Wix while you were


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