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  • and we have decided to make Phil Richards a partner.

  • Holy shit!

  • Now, I know you're upset. Upset?

  • Haven't you seen the deals I've been putting together?

  • I have been killing myself. I mean, aren't you dazzled?

  • You still don't get it, do you?

  • Phil has just brought in three brand-new multimillion-dollar clients.

  • He has spent the last month wining and dining these guys, getting them laid.

  • He doesn't tell me about problems with his kids.

  • I'm not even sure if he has kids.

  • If this man's dick fell off, he would still show up to work.

  • He is an animal. That's what dazzles, not the work.

  • You can't do what he does. You hate that shit.

  • Now, Phil Richards... I quit!

  • Oh, Gil... Forget it.

  • Phil brought you some big clients. You're happy.

  • Oh, Gil...

  • I'm just going to call my clients, give them the news, and I'm out of here.

  • Friday's my last day. Don't make me a party.

  • Gil!

  • Dave!

and we have decided to make Phil Richards a partner.


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親子の絆 (9/12) Movie CLIP - ギルが辞める (1989) HD (Parenthood (9/12) Movie CLIP - Gil Quits (1989) HD)

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