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  • Only in japan

  • In Japan between march in April

  • The cherry blossoms or [Tree]SAKURA Japanese are celebrated

  • like no or else in the world

  • In this episode we're going to look at the

  • cherry blossoms around Tokyo

  • Then look outward

  • understand the cherry blossoms

  • is to understand japan

  • YOYOGI Park between harajuku and shibuya

  • is one of the most popular destinations for HANAMI for Tokyo residents under 40

  • It’s lively all year round

  • But during [Tree]SAKURA season it takes on a different feel

  • blue sheets and hanami go is our everywhere

  • The atmosphere is like a big party

  • I chatted with the group a plan on me goers and ask them simply

  • Why are you here

  • Nat faraway Shibuya

  • is HACHIKO crossed

  • The busiest intersection in the world

  • has its own cherry blossoms

  • This is a popular meeting spot

  • But for old 10 days a year it's just like this

  • Lovable dog HACHIKO has a staff

  • This cool dog has one up best use in town

  • King Shibuya

  • Someone give that dog a bone

  • Just on the other side Shibuya station is SHIBUYAHIKARIE

  • yeah he cud Ian a new building with loads of great shops and cafes

  • HARBS has one of my favorite cakes the mill a crepes

  • Six layers of fruits and cream

  • Its awesome

  • But on this day I had a craving for something seasonal

  • like this

  • The SAKURA cake

  • It has real SAKURA blossoms on top

  • and just screams springtime

  • Cherry blossoms

  • see them smell them and now eat them

  • At a couple HARBS original must got jasmine tea

  • It's a fantasticdue up

  • Sweet azuki beans and below in a delicious sakura cherry blossom labored moose

  • But how does it taste

  • Oh it's good

  • That's very good

  • The essence of springtime in Japan wrapped up in a delicious cake

  • INIKASHIRA park is one of the most popular destinations in Tokyo for HANAMI

  • In fact it's one of the most popular in all of Japan

  • Besides the many sakura trees INOKASHIRA park as a tranquil lake burrowing

  • in paddling

  • It's usually a peaceful place but in Tokyo during the sakura season

  • Becomes more of a parking lot for boats

  • You can be relaxing

  • From the lake you get a new perspective on the trees

  • and the park

  • It's easy to make friends with local people during the [Tree]SAKURA season

  • They offered food,drinks

  • and some fantastic insight on Japan's history with the cherry blossoms

  • notes there are a lot of nostalgic songs that remind people love moments in the

  • past

  • and reliving also [Tree]SAKURA memories can be a lot of fun

  • It's easy to get caught up in the moment and simply enjoying the togetherness

  • That comes with being a nommy goer

  • is a major part of [Tree]SAKURA season in japan

  • This history goes all the way back to the time of the SAMURAI

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東京周辺の桜。渋谷・代々木・井の頭★WAO✦RYU! (Cherry Blossoms Around Tokyo: Shibuya, Yoyogi and Inokashira ★ WAO✦RYU!TV ONLY in JAPAN)

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