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  • Welcome to "Eating in" and we're in Prague, Czech Republic.

  • So we took the train today up to a town called Kutna Hora... ah, I said it right that time.

  • Anyways we're stopped here for lunch at a place called Harmonia and we're going to get

  • some typical Czech cuisine for lunch. Let's go!

  • Ok, I got Czech onion soup with bread in it. And how is it? I have to try it first. Let

  • me see. It's probably really hot. Good and hot.

  • So I got myself some pork goulash and it comes with traditional potato pancakes and a crying

  • baby. How's the baby?

  • Tastes like Pork Goulash. Ok, for dinner we're checking out a local

  • place call Epopey and it is supposed to have some great local foods.

  • I'm still reeling off the beer, a couple burps coming out. And we're in the middle of the

  • most intense game of chess in the history of chess.

  • But our food is here. But our food is here, so we've got to eat. On my plate I've got

  • a rack of rabbit. Cute little cuddly rabbit wrapped in bacon with some mashed potatoes

  • and gravy. Tiffany's plate, which I'll show you, has some duck and potato dumplings. It

  • looks fantastic. Let's dig in. How is it?

  • It's disgusting. Is it really disgusting?

  • No. How is it really?

  • Of course it's good, it's always good. For dessert were having pancakes, and I'm

  • a little bit drunk. So we've been in Prague for 4 days now and

  • every single day I've gone to the same place for breakfast. I'm a breakfast guy. I'm a

  • morning person. I've been going to a place called Panaria, so we're going to go there

  • again today. I don't think Tiffany is a fan of mornings.

  • So that's it for "Eating in Prague" we're off to our next destination on the train which

  • is Vienna. We're going to Vienna to get some Schnitzel.

  • See you then. Peace!

Welcome to "Eating in" and we're in Prague, Czech Republic.


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プラハでの食事 (Eating in Prague)

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