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  • There is one dish you absolutely have to try when you come to Montreal and that is Poutine.

  • This is a French Canadian dish and for those who aren't very familiar with it, it is basically

  • french fries with gravy and cheese curds on top. Now it sounds a little bit gross and

  • it doesn't look that appetizing at first sight but trust me it is delicious.

  • There is absolutely nothing redeeming about this meal from a nutritional standpoint. It

  • is pure grease and no better way for us to sample it than in this park right here.

  • We went to one of the most famous restaurants in Montreal for Poutine - La Banquise - and

  • in this bag here I've got two different kinds.

  • One is the regular poutine and one is the premium kind. We're going to show you what

  • is inside.

  • It is time for the big reveal. Look down here. This is the standard one. Oh, look at all

  • of the cheese curd. It is melting. And the gravy. It is like these fries are swimming

  • in a pool of gravy. That is amazing.

  • You've got a premium kind. What did you get? I went for something a little bit fancier

  • and mine has bacon and goat cheese instead of the regular cheese curds. Alright, let's

  • open this. Oh, wow! Look at that goat cheese. This is going to be amazing.

  • This is the kind of meal we're going to have to walk off for hours and hours and hours

  • upon end.

  • Look at that cheese. My goodness.

  • First bite of the fancy poutine. That is just as good as imagined it would be. The goat

  • cheese is warm, it is gooey, it is soft and the bacon is amazing. It is greasy, salty.

  • It is amazing! How about the gravy? Mmmmm.

  • Time for the first bite of the classic poutine here. Let's get lots of gravy on it. Woah,

  • stringy cheese! I got it all over my mouth.

  • Wow!

  • That is so good. I just wish this was healthy so I could eat it more often.

  • It is like a heart attack on a plate. We've been having this every day since we've been

  • to Montreal and I don't see us stopping until we leave.

  • Out of the two poutines that we had, my favorite of course was the one with goat cheese and

  • bacon because those ingredients are just stellar.

  • Even if you don't like bacon there is a whole variety of toppings that you can choose over

  • at La Banquise. There are mushrooms, green peppers, hot chilly and anything that you

  • can think of.

  • So how much does a poutine cost? The regular one was just under seven dollars and the premium

  • one was about nine bucks, so it is quite an affordable meal.

  • I'm really excited right now. Montreal smoked meat along with things such as Poutine, is

  • something you absolutely have to try when you're in Montreal. I'm going to go sample

  • a sandwich right now.

  • Montreal smoked meat is made from brisket and the meat is allowed to cure for one week

  • with peppercorn and lots of other spices. It is really flavorful by the end of that

  • week. I'm going to take a bite over here. Let's see what this tastes like. Wow, look

  • at all of that meat. Oh my, this is falling apart and it smells great. You can see the

  • mustard as well. Look at that. Oh my, oh my gosh. Keep that sandwich together there.

  • Okay, I'm going to need a huge napkin after this. Wow. Oh my gosh. That is so tasty. The

  • meat is really juicy and tender. It is served on rye bread with mustard and I just love

  • that combination. Really simple flavors, the meat is smokey and it is great.

  • Look at that massive piece of meat. The thing is a bohemoth. I can barely keep it together

  • in my hands. It is time for my first bite. It is so tender and delicious. That is one

  • There is one establishment in Montreal that is really well known for its smoked meat.

  • That is a little deli placed Schwartz's and it has been around since the 1920's. However,

  • that is not the only place where you can get smoked meat. There is actually restaurants

  • and little shops across town that serve almost the exact same recipe, so it is not difficult

  • to track it down.

  • In a place that specializes for Montreal smoked meat, such as Schwartz's, you can order it

  • lean cut, medium or fatty. We've tried a few different ones and medium is our favorite

  • so far.

  • Some of the popular side orders that you can also get with your smoked meat sandwich include

  • poutine, french fries or pickles.

  • For a typical smoked meat sandwich in Montreal you are looking at roughly six to eight dollars

  • and it is well worth the price to try.

  • So now for a little afternoon pick-me-up we have St. Viateur bagels, which are really

  • famous here in Montreal. I got myself the cinnamon raisin one. That smells really nice.

  • What makes these bagels unique is that they are hand rolled and they are made in a wood

  • burning oven. This store is so popular that they actually produce twelve thousand bagels

  • a day.

  • Alright, time for the first bite. I don't know if you can see it well with the camera

  • but there are huge chunks of apples. Look at that. Wow! Are

  • you in your happy place? I am. This is like ultimate dessert for me.

There is one dish you absolutely have to try when you come to Montreal and that is Poutine.


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プーティン、スモークミート、ベーグルなど、モントリオールで食べるカナダ料理 (Canadian Food to eat in Montreal including Poutine, Smoked Meat and Bagels)

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