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  • Back home there was a surprise party for me.

  • But the nicest surprise was an insurance check for the Belle Isle fire... $ 100,000.

  • However, no one stopped Bly Bio Chem from dumping that toxic waste on my land.

  • They told me not to worry. Its half-life was estimated at 3,000 years.

  • Everything okay, Fletch?

  • Betty was a little pissed off about giving up her office,

  • and accounting gave me some flak about the new car, but trust me,

  • everything's gonna be just the way you want it, maybe better.

  • I like your attitude, Frank.

  • Excuse me just a sec. What a guy!

  • I thought I told you... never to come to my workplace.

  • Time's change, my dear Fletch.

  • Rumor has it that you have inherited a sizable piece of property.

  • Who told you? I have my sources too.

  • These sources also suggest that you may have been considering skipping town...

  • and retiring on this vast estate.

  • Thus skipping out on your financial responsibilities.

  • Would I do that? Wendy could probably get half of it anyway.

  • So in return for the other half, we would forego any other claims.

  • Think about it. You would never see me again.

  • Where do I sign?

  • I'll never see you again? Never.

  • You realize this is my family land?

  • Does it please you to rip out my ancestral roots?

  • I was born and raised in a briar patch.

  • Now Wendy can live a life of leisure.

  • Clean air, clean water. This is the way she was destined to live.

  • Okay, Gillet. You've broken me.

  • I hope you're happy.

Back home there was a surprise party for me.


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フレッチャーは生きている (10/10) Movie CLIP - おかえりなさい、フレッチャー (1989) HD (Fletch Lives (10/10) Movie CLIP - Welcome Home, Fletch (1989) HD)

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