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In a harsh economic landscape,
start-ups are struggling.
But prepared to take a punt on a new partnership,
one man with the bottle to start a business
from scratch.
Ready to do battle for his backing,
16 ambitious entrepreneurs.
I'm a great of my generation.
I'm an innovator and leader in business.
I take inspiration from Napoleon.
I am here to conquer.
I'm half machine.
I can process things at a speed that is out of this world.
Some people might come to this process with a game plan.
I just feel my effortless superiority
will take me all the way.
At stake, a £250,000 investment.
I'm an old head on young shoulders.
I believe that I'm the new breed of businessman
that this process requires.
I have run successful businesses.
I can generate profit.
I'm business perfection personified.
I have energy like a Duracell bunny,
the sex appeal of Jessica Rabbit and a brain like Einstein.
Hard-nosed and hungry.
Only one can succeed.
I'm prepared to fight to the death to become Lord Sugar's
business partner.
I will do anything to win - cheating, manipulating,
I will do it.
Putting his cash on the line, Lord Sugar.
This process is not about a job, it's about me
ploughing £250,000 into a business.
This is an unbelievable opportunity.
East End boy and entrepreneur...
..Lord Sugar started with nothing...
..and built an empire worth millions.
I believe actions speak louder than words.
For me to choose you,
you've got to be brilliant.
Now on the hunt for a winning idea,
he's in the market for a brand-new business partner.
Trust me. There are people in this room
that are hungry for this deal.
You'd better get your act together!
But to secure his support,
a punishing selection process.
Get the gear! Get the gear!
We're going to run like hell to sell those ukuleles.
- 16 candidates. - Come on! - Very good. Very good indeed.
12 tough weeks.
Engage brain.
For God bloody sake... You're talking nonsense.
You shut up and you shut up and you talk.
You've lost us money.
You've lost us money and once again proved that you're an amateur.
One life-changing opportunity.
I mean, the basic fundamentals - counting, locations -
these are elementary things.
You're all a bloody waste of space.
It's down to business with The Apprentice.
You're fired. You're fired. I don't want to see
your face any more.
You're fired.
The boardroom.
Yes, Lord Sugar.
You can go through to the boardroom now.
Good evening, ladies and gentlemen, and welcome
to my boardroom.
One of you is going to get the £250,000 investment
in a 50/50 business with me.
Now, in this climate, people like you that have the seed
of a business idea
find it very difficult engaging with banks and financial services.
Those people, quite rightly so,
will not lend you any money to start up a new business
because they are looking for collateral,
they're looking for assets.
This is an unbelievable opportunity.
I'll tell you where the collateral and the assets
are for me -
they're here with you.
You are the collateral and you are the asset.
As you can see, I've got a pile of CVs here.
It's full of the usual BS.
"I'll give 110%."
"I'm the greatest entrepreneur since sliced bread."
"Failure is not an option."
"I think outside the box, inside the bleeding box."
All those usual cliches.
I'm sick and tired of all that bloody rubbish.
I believe actions speak louder than words.
It's going be actions that I'm going to judge you on.
The aim of this process is to get your business plans
in front of me.
The tasks are there to test you
and take you through every facet
in business.
But in the meantime, we'll have a little chat
about some of your business ideas.
Neil, what's your deal?
My business is a unique online estate agency business.
- Estate agency? - That's right.
Miles, I've got a comment in here from you.
You say estate agents are tossers.
I'd like to point out I'm not an estate agent!
That's the business plan.
I've come here with one objective and that's to win.
That's what I'm going to do.
- Jaz? - Lord Sugar.
My business idea is for an online learning platform
to eradicate low levels of literacy.
OK. Leah?
- Hello. - I understand we have a doctor in the house. Is that right? - Yeah.
It could come in handy, cos I've got a bloke over there
thinks he's Napoleon.
- You know what happened to Napoleon, don't you? - Yes, I do.
You can consider me as the Duke of Wellington in this process.
Jason, you've never had a full-time job. Is that right?
You've been a student the whole of your life.
I've been studying the whole of my life.
Study Greek mythology, is that right?
Greek modern history, in fact.
Quite appropriate, Jason, as a hero of the Greeks.
He was the one that went off to get the Golden Fleece?
- Indeed he did. - Well, the Golden Fleece here is the £250,000.
- I hope to live up to my mythological namesake. - OK.
Let's move on. Let me tell you about the first task.
I've got you two shipping containers
in the port of Tilbury in Essex.
They are full of imported products.
You lot are going to be working through the night.
You have to start selling to the various trades
that open up in this great metropolis of London
and other trades that start to open up as the day goes by.
By four o'clock, all bets are off.
It's finished.
The team that sells the most amount of goods
will win and the team that loses,
one of you will be fired.
Here's a curveball I'm going to send you right now.
- Ladies, who's going to be the project manager on this task? - I am.
Very brave. Very brave indeed.
I'm just really enthusiastic. I'm good at motivating people.
You're on. Gentlemen?
I'll do it.
- Really? - If someone else wants to volunteer and they've got
the fire and the drive...
- Do it. - OK.
All right, Jason.
Karren, of course, needs no introduction to you.
And neither does Nick.
They will be reporting to me everything that goes on.
They do not miss a trick.
Right. Everything clear?
ALL: Yes, Lord Sugar.
I'll see you back in this boardroom at five o'clock.
Off you go.
One night and one day to shift
a container-load of stock.
First for both teams, get to know their managers.
My intelligence is like a machete in the jungle.
It's just going to take one swipe
and I'll be through.
The reason why I didn't take project manager?
I thought you had some real balls to do that.
- What do you do? - I do a bit of this and a bit of that.
I had my hand up before I'd realised I'd volunteered.
I love being in charge and telling people what to do.
It's my idea of heaven.
I'm not looking to boss people around, although I will do that.
I'm only bossy if I'm right, which is a lot of the time.
If you're in my way and you're an idiot,
you will be moved aside.
Next, who's who and what they do.
I've got a consumer electronics business, a cake shop
and a baking website.
- Wow! Successful, independent lady over here. - Absolutely.
I've got 14 years' sales experience.
I've got 14 years of a proven track record.
I'm from Wales. I am indeed. I'm from Cardiff, yes.
I started my first company when I was 19 years old
from a garage in the Welsh valleys.
I'm moving on to bigger and better things.
Has anyone ever said you look like anyone?
I sometimes get Freddie Mercury.
- Dracula? - Dracula?!
Thank you.
Introductions over, both teams need a name.
How about something explosive? How about Asteroid?
- Asteroid? - It's not girlie either.
- Alchemy? - I'm not going to lie. I have no idea what that means.
It reminds me of chemistry.
I thought of Evolve, because we evolve together as a team.
- I like Evolve. - Done. Boom. Move on.
- Endeavour. - To try... I'd go with Endeavour. We keep it simple.
- Endeavour. I like it. - We all definitely want to win.
But it's not always going to happen.
The port of Tilbury.
I've lived in London most of my life.
I've never gone down the docks before.
Destination for up to 1,500 containers a day,
tonight two will be opened.
Oh, my gosh, it's so exciting! I wonder what's in the container?
One for each team, stacked with identical imports.
Exciting! It's like going into Aladdin's cave.
From novelties with niche markets...
They're Chinese waving cats.
No, they're lucky charms.
..to bog-standard commodities.
- Toilet rolls. - Bog roll.
- 43 cases of water. - Water will go.
These jackets are amazing. They'll sell.
- OK, girls. Are we ready? ALL: - Yeah.
First task for the teams - take stock of what they've got.
- Water. - Yeah. - Toilet rolls. Cat litter.
Bubble wrap. Leather jackets. Mugs with Union Jacks on
- and china cats. - Cool.
Next, a lesson in leadership from education entrepreneur Jaz.
As team leader, what do you expect from me?
Can I ask that question? What are you expecting?
- Delegation. - Delegation. Clear direction.
- To listen to us as well. - Listen.
If I promise to do that for you,
can you tell me what I can expect from you?
Jaz has been giving us lots of
motivational speeches,
high energy, lots of enthusiasm.
- Well done, team Evolve! Wooh! ALL: - Thank you!
There is an element of patronising us
but she is a teacher and it definitely shows.
Well done on the name, Evolve.
Let's evolve!
I did identify that you'd be good at leading a sub team.
- If you're happy with that. - Yeah.
Quiet, quiet, quiet. People... I keep getting drowned out...
Endeavouring to lead the boys...
- Guys, guys, guys... - Jason, you need to control this
as a project manager.
So listen.
..project manager Jason.
- Toilet roll. - I like that. It might be an easy sale.
- I think you're right. - Ten jackets... Is this a good product?
- What's the cat litter? - That'll sell, won't it?
So... Thoughts to yourselves.
Thoughts to yourselves.
The boys are a vocal group.
They are very strong characters.
I feel for Jason.
Guys, guys, guys. Guys...
It's going to be a very, very long night.
Can you appoint a leader of this team?
- I think Neil... - I'll take it.
There are some key things here.
Cat litter is something that we can sell in bulk.
Jason's made me a leader of a mini-team already.
That says a lot about who the real leader is here.
- High-vis jacket. - OK.
- We've both got the water. - Brilliant.
- Mind you don't split those bags, girls. - Three. - How much more?
What have we got to sell and where can we sell it?
Open for business 24/7.
We were hoping to see you this morning. We've got some
interesting products that we'd like to show to you.
Get the right stock to the right people,
and money can be made.
We'll target the southeast first and then come back
to the northwest of London.
Matching jobs to the girls...
We've ascertained you're strong in sales.
Moving on.
..the medic, Dr Leah.
You're in charge of thinking about our location,
so if you start thinking about where we're going to offload
the water, it's going to be about the water, primarily.
- Yeah. - OK? - Yeah. - Are you used to selling to trade?
I've won lots of awards for selling the most.
- I always come out top. - OK.
Pushing to pitch first, sales rep, Rebecca.
I just want to build a bit of... Hang on, I'm talking!
I'm a pretty tough person, I don't let people walk all over me,
in life, or in business. Cool, calm and collected.
And if somebody crosses me, well, it's game over.
At Smithfield meat market...
an all-night pub.
- Just with regards to the pricing... - I got it, I know what we're doing.
I'm with this, just at this moment.
We've got some products to buy in bulk, one of them is water.
OK, so it is French mineral water,
I presume you probably sell quite a bit of that.
We don't do that much, probably a couple of cases a week.
OK, I'm fully hearing you on that. We want to give you a good offer...
OK, so we're looking at two cases,
we're looking at £15?
- I could live with that. - Yes?
Thank you so much for your time today, thank you.
For the girls, first sale of the day at £15.
That was not great.
I don't think there was enough of a push to get the bulk sale,
and maybe Rebecca wasn't the right person to do the pitch.
Now we're left with a lot of water to shift.
Across town,
in charge of half the boys, Neil.
We want to go in there, and we want to try and shift all 40 cases.
Out to wash his hands of their water in one go...
Before we do it, are we happy?
- Yes. - First stop, a coach company.
- Good morning, sir. - Good morning. - Good morning to you.
We use lots of water.
Well, that's great, because I've got lots of water to sell.
Brokering the boys' bulk deal, company director, Alex.
Now, if I was going to be selling you 100,
they would be about 30p each, but I can give you the 1,920 bottles
that I have got outside here, I can give you them for 15p.
I would like it to be about ten.
I said 15, you said ten.
It's hard for me, really, really is.
Not as hard as it is for me.
- I tell you where we'll go, you can see my list. - OK.
It's what we buy it for in bulk. 12p.
If there is a palette and a half, I will take it.
- I'll give you 1,920 bottles for 12p. Per bottle. - Right, done.
- That's a deal. - That's fine.
Banked before breakfast, £230.
That went absolutely excellently, all the water is gone.
In hindsight, I think I probably gave it up a little too easy.
For the boys, no more liquid assets.
Let's do it, then. High-five!
Look, we have got lucky cats for your lucky punters.
It is a quality product, but we do have only the one day.
Taking a gamble with their lucky cats - Jason's boys.
It is perfect for a casino. This is built for it.
If they buy the whole lot, the whole 50, push it to six.
We're very, very glad to be here at this exceptional establishment,
I hope that you will feel the same about the products which
- we have on offer to you. - OK, I'm intrigued.
This is called the lucky cat. Very relevant for your establishment.
It's a lucky charm.
- The retail price is £12... - Yeah.
..and we can let you have them for £6 each.
Those are the terms, more or less.
OK, they are very thin plastic,
£6 for an object like this, I think that would be unreasonable.
What kind of value do you see it having?
It's probably...sort of...£2 or £3, I reckon.
As the cat falls flat...
One thing we can do for you is to get batteries.
..Miles puts power into the pitch.
I would be happy to take the lot at £3.
£3.50 with batteries?
Fantastic, thank you very much.
I think Miles was very keen to get a sale on his own name,
just to cover his back with Lord Sugar.
I know there's somewhere around here we can get batteries, so we need to
do that quickly, get in there, close it out and then crack on.
It seems a bit gung ho, maybe even a little bit naive.
Whatever it costs, we need to just take this hit and get on with it.
- It's a hit in both time and money. - Exactly.
Look at all those people on their way to work.
They don't realise some people have been working all night.
I don't know where we're going to sell the cats.
- Taking a clue from the cat... - What would it be called?
A Chinese tourist shop.
..a destination dawns.
Chinatown? Just drop us at the gate to Chinatown.
Girls, think positively, come on.
Hey, this is good, here is the entry on the right.
- Nothing is open. - Nothing is open. Everything in Chinatown looks closed.
Oh, my goodness. Is it a Chinese holiday?
- None of the supermarkets are open. - Hold on, it might not open until ten.
- It might not open until ten. - We'll come back.
With most of their water still on board, the rest of the girls,
with business owner, Luisa.
I don't want to faff around
and spend an hour here to sell two cases of water again.
I just think we need to sell it in bulk.
People look at me and they assume that I am just a bimbo.
I have fake hair, fake nails, fake boobs,
but I have got a really good business brain
and I love blowing their assumptions to smithereens.
I'm the person who knows most about the costs, I should do the next sale.
I do this every day, I run three businesses, all of which are sales.
No offence, you're a doctor.
You cannot possibly say that.
- You can't possibly say that. - I should do it.
I really don't think you should. I think I will be better.
- Why do you think you'll be better? - Because I know the figures.
You just told me you've got them written down,
so all I have to do is look at them.
And you'll memorise them in that time?
- I think I can memorise a few figures. - OK.
Thirsty for the sale, Luisa goes for a chain of American diners.
- Hey, how are you doing? What is your name? - Sahel.
I am wondering if we can sit down and have a quick chat with you
- about some stuff that we have got you might be interested in. - Sure.
Oxford Street.
Still searching for somewhere to sell the novelties,
Jaz's half of the girls.
I'm thinking, you see those little shops that sell
touristy stuff?
- What about Kingdom Of Souvenirs? - We tried them. - Did we? - Yes.
- Did we try there? - Yes.
I think we need to stop jumping around and try and...
I feel like it is going a little bit into disarray now.
I just feel like it is going a bit kamikaze
and a bit crazy at the moment.
Girls...on the left.
Hi, listen, we're looking at your shop
and we're thinking that you sell the kind of stuff that we're looking at.
We have got some Union Jack mugs, we have got 150 of these,
we're really looking at £1.50.
So, we have got these, have a think.
We have also got some really stunning leather jackets.
- Oh, that's nice. - We have only got ten of these left.
- OK, so how many do you think you would like to take? - I have no idea.
- All of them? - I think that is a hug. Thank you so much. - Can I take a hug?
Now we have to call my boss.
We thought that you had the authority to buy.
First rule is check you're speaking to the decision-maker.
- Right, move on, we've got to do this... - Keep going.
- Thanks very much. - Jaz is project manager.
She shot her hand up, and she got it.
Has she shown any sort of real leadership? Not really.
They been wandering about, "Shall we try this shop, try that shop?"
Pleasant woman but, actually, this is business.
We don't need to look or smell desperate.
That is not going to help us. So, big smiles - showtime!
Back at the diner, a done deal in bulk...
280 for everything, great to do business with you.
..for £50 more than the boys.
Thank you.
- We're doing all right, we've just managed to sell all the water. - Yes!
All of it? We're doing the lucky cat wave!
- Mid-morning. - Batteries out, boys.
Slot it into that cat, let's not waste time.
The casino car park.
It has taken us most of the morning.
- We have definitely lost an hour and a half. - More. - Two hours.
Re-boxed and powered up...
- Oh, you have put the batteries in? - Indeed.
I didn't expect such good service, but thank you very much.
It is £160 for the boys...
and bye-bye, cats.
We need to take the lessons which we have learnt from the cat catastrophe, forward.
Lunchtime. For both teams, a push for sales.
I really appreciate your time, and thank you for that, bye. OK, next.
We have just had some imported stock sent into our docks this morning.
We have got some leftover toilet roll.
No, I was going to say, it's all clean, all freshly packaged,
it's not reused or anything like that.
What I'm wondering is the strategy for
when we go into these clothes shops.
Do we want to carry the ukelele and the mug
and seem like purveyors of tat?
I would rather you stayed discreetly behind, and we show them the fact
that it is genuine leather, and the lining, the lining...
polyester lining, OK.
- Silky. - Silky. - Silky touch.
- It is a nice fit, isn't it, Francesca? - Yes, they're quite nice.
- With another sale under their belt... - One for £40, two for 35. - OK.
Next, for the girls, 41 bags of cat litter.
We need to figure out where we're going to sell it.
Looking for likely buyers, cosmetics entrepreneur, Uzma.
Try this one, 0207... Pets At Home.
ANSWERMACHINE: 'You have been placed on hold. Please wait.'
We have got lots and lots of cat litter.
We are wondering if the Mutts Nutts would be interested in taking a look at it?
'Sorry, we're not interested.'
- Hi, guys. - So, we have still got the cat litter.
So, if you can make one appointment with Battersea Dogs Home
and get down there, because you have got a lot of litter.
- Battersea is too far, we can't go there. - 'I know it's a trek...'
There are two pet shops here as well.
Call Battersea and ask them if they're interested.
'Battersea Dogs and Cats Home.'
We have actually imported some cat litter today in very high quantity
and at some very competitive prices...
'OK, that's fine, shall I book you an appointment?'
Bloody smooth.
- OK, we have got the appointment, let's do it. - Who's got a cat?
If I'm honest, I absolutely despise cats.
- Good morning, I am Neil from Endeavour. - Hi, Neil.
I'm looking at the three kittens, they're absolutely beautiful.
Here to turn cat litter into cash, the boys.
I'll pass over to Zee, who'll take you through exactly what
- we want to do for you. - OK. - Then we can take it from there.
We've got 41 bags of this. 16 litre, these are. Simply clean, simply reliable,
and one of the best qualities on the market.
Do you have any idea what you could give it to us for?
Without trying to insult you, for £8.
I wouldn't go anywhere near the kind of prices that you
are currently saying, at around £8.
- Can we have a quick minute, then we'll come back to you? - Of course.
We need to make the sale. One second, one second - where else?
What is the contingency?
You tell me where we're going to go if we don't sell now.
Zee was leading the negotiation
but you wouldn't have guessed it with Neil in the background.
If you give me it for five quid a bag, I'll take the lot.
That's quite a low price.
He's a real backseat driver.
Let's meet in the middle, 5.20, I'll shake your hand on that.
- I think that's a good deal. - OK, will you shake his hand or will I?
- I want both of you, one by one. Thank you very much. - A deal.
Excellent, thank you.
For £213, a job lot of cat litter scratched off.
I've realised it's a bit of a dog eat dog world here,
and I'm going to put my foot down a bit.
We're doing pretty well. In fact, we're doing really well.
- All we need to sell is the high-vis jackets. - Let me speak to them.
It's all right, guys.
Listen, I need to speak to them, do you understand?
I said it about seven times, mate.
I said it seven times, I want to tell them where to sell those jackets.
Zee, listen to me, why are you shouting?
- Because I said it seven times, - OK, here's the eighth time, bring them back.
Yes, they're here. Hello?
- Ukuleles are key, we need to sell them. - Ukuleles and the jackets.
For Jason's half of the boys, three product lines left to push.
We need to get rid of these as well.
Everywhere we go, we try to sell everything we have.
Back in Chinatown...
Still stuck with all 50 lucky cats,
a second chance for the girls to claw back a sale.
- You know what, I would be gutted not to sell. - Lucky cats in Chinatown.
My only concern is they probably buy these from China
at ridiculously cheap prices.
Stepping up to sell, Sophie.
- I was wondering if you sold any lucky cats. - Lucky cats?
I'm half Chinese myself, I'm completely superstitious.
I have got one in my house.
Restaurants buy them, I have a restaurant myself.
Can I take a look? Is it a plastic one? How much are you selling it?
We're going to sell them for about £5 per unit.
- I think that is a bit too much. - Perhaps £4.50.
I know the cost.
These items in China - you know how much they sell them?
In China is a completely different story.
We are in London, everything is more expensive in London.
Can I suggest something?
How about if you took maybe ten to start with
at maybe, say, £3.
That's a good idea.
Who actually clinched the deal? Not Sophie. It was Natalie.
Buy ten, you can have them at three quid each.
£30, thank you.
They're selling low. Not great.
Ten sold, £30 pocketed, 40 cats still to go.
To be fair, I'm not happy that we did ten for three.
No, we were going to lose it and I needed to give him a decision.
OK, let's go.
We sold ten units out of 50, that's quite shocking.
Unfortunately, the location that Jaz offered was Chinatown!
- This one, look, there. - See the one with all the lucky cats outside?!
South London.
- Who's pitching this? - Me, I'm leading this one.
- Are you happy with the pricing? - Yeah, so, £1.50, we're going to aim for.
Hoping to stand out, selling high-vis jackets,
- fast food entrepreneur Tim. - Hello, mate, you all right?
- Hi, my name is Tim. - Nice to meet you. - What's your name, sorry? - CJ.
CJ. We've got some of the finest high visibility jackets.
- Take a seat. - So, you've got the reflective panels. - OK.
It's completely machine washable. Obviously, it reflects the light.
We've got it in a variety of sizes. Are you interested?
If you want to sell at the price that I'm already buying at,
- then I'm probably happy with what I have. - Which is what, like one pound?
- Yeah. And that's the truth. - We can meet you somewhere, like,
- if you could sort of get near our £1.40, and we can... - £1.20.
- Happy to do £1.20? - I can do that for you. - Fantastic, 100 at £1.20. - No problem.
- Whole box. - Fantastic. Finally sold some product.
Absolutely great. I thought my chance wouldn't come this task.
I thought I'd always be in the background,
it's always someone else's turn to pitch.
When I want the phone, it's always someone else's turn
to do the phone calls, so it was good to get in and show what I'm good at.
- Get a shot of that empty van there, look at that! - Good job, team.
- Hi, Neil speaking. - Oh, hello, Neil.
Just to let you know, we've done really well on the sales here
- and we've sold out. - Well done, boys. - Perfect, well done.
We've got how many jackets? We've got six left.
We've got lots of ukuleles, we're still playing catch up, desperately.
If we can shift two tonnes' worth of water
and they can't even sell ten leather jackets in London?!
- Do you think he's a good project manager? - I don't think so, no.
He does not have any idea what we've done, what's gone on, we've had no help from him. He was not a manager!
40 minutes to go.
We're not going to be able to sell 41 bags of cat litter to one person.
- Just ring this one. EN6. - Unable to find a home for their cat litter...
I just think we're flogging a dead horse.
- ..a change of tack from the girls. - Just keep your eyes peeled now.
There's a green and white shop.
They've got boxes, they've got things in crates. Great, Rebecca!
Right, cool, calm and collected.
We've got a fantastic deal on today of some bubble wrap.
- We do a lot of bubble wrap, what size is the bubble? - Small bubble. - 25.
- Small bubble. - We're looking at £33. - You've got no chance.
- All right, OK. - I'll tell you what we're paying at the moment, £12.49.
- What if we match that? - Hang on, hang on. - That's a 75-metre roll, though.
- £15? - That sounds all right, doesn't it? - Yeah. For ten rolls.
- So, we have toilet rolls. - We sell a lot of toilet rolls,
so that'd be very interesting for us, yes.
- That price per case at £7.20. - Sounds a very good price, yeah. - Done deal?
- Happy with £4.30? - Yeah.
At over £400, the biggest sale of the day.
- THEY CHEER - Group hug!
When a sale is made, everyone else in the group gets forgotten
very quickly, and it's like, oh, I've made a sale!
You totally redeemed yourself!
It doesn't faze me not to be in the limelight all the time.
You went in and you nailed it and we're all really proud of you.
30 minutes left.
We're going to run like hell to sell those ukuleles.
- How are we doing for time? - Not good.
- Hello. - Hello. - Dot? I'm Jordan.
- They make really good gifts. - They're lucky!
It's quite nice from the outside, but from inside...
We can sell it to you...
Let me handle it, thank you, so if we could go to £4.50?
This is expensive.
It's just the one thing we have saved especially for you.
For the entire 40, we can give it to you for £6?
- Can I just put something risky out there? - Go for it.
- And if it's about the cats, don't go for it! - But I'm just saying, right?
I cannot believe you're still talking about cats!
No-one is listening to me!
- SHE STRUMS THE UKELELE - I mean, we are under a massive time constraint.
- We've got 15 seconds, I would say. - Yes. Five for 30?
And you've got a deal.
Well done.
Great work, Jordan.
Crack on, get back to the boardroom on time, we don't want to be late.
Trading over. Time to take stock.
- Hi, girls! What was your total figure of sales? - 272.
Whoop, whoop!
That's a joke.
No way on this earth that even if we lose, any of us four
are going back into that boardroom! No way.
And if she even suggests it, I will be on her like a fly on shit!
- Could I have some feedback on my project manager-ship-ism?! - Erm...
Jason, he's committed business suicide.
He appointed me as another project manager within the team,
and we went and blew them away.
There's only so much lion taming that a project manager can do,
I think. What a long day.
You can go through to the boardroom now.
- Good evening. - ALL: - Good evening, Lord Sugar.
Well, a long day for everyone, I think. A tough task.
It was never going to be easy.
I think I will start with the ladies team, Jaz,
- you put yourself forward... - Yeah. - ..very, very quickly. Any regrets?
No, no, no regrets. I mean, it's harder than you think it's going
to be, but I did lead the team and the team were brilliant, so, yeah.
- What was the team name that you chose? - Evolve.
- Evolve, and how did that evolve? - That was my name! - Luisa. - Yeah. - OK.
- So, how did you find Jaz, then? - Very motivational.
At the beginning of the day, we'd asked her to be quite decisive and...
- Was she decisive? - She evolved over the day.
How was the communication between the two sub teams?
We didn't really have that much communication with her.
And I feel like I did a lot of the management for our team.
I think to me, Leah was project manager on this task.
The merchandise that you took, as far as sub teams are concerned,
- did you sell out, either of you? - We sold out of three of our products.
- So you nearly sold out? - Yeah, very nearly. - And what about your lot?
We were left with all of the mugs and seven leather jackets
- and 40 lucky cats. It's a cat. - Yeah, I know what they are.
- So you still have a lot of stuff left over. - yeah.
I think you short-circuited a little bit.
There was a bit of a traipse up and down Oxford Street, wasn't there?
- Oh, yes. - You had a long conversation with Italian Robert, didn't you?
We thought we had done the deal,
but then found out that he wasn't the decision-maker.
The first rule of selling to trade is make sure you're not talking to the cleaning lady,
because you end up talking to somebody who turns
around in the end and says, well, actually, I got no authority to buy.
That's a lesson we learned and then from then on we were asking.
- That's a bit of naivete, really. Isn't it? - Yep. - All right. OK.
I think I've got it all here.
Gentleman, what was the team name that you chose?
- Endeavour. - So an attempt that might not work, is that right? - To try.
- Yeah, to try. - And to hope to succeed.
Jason, did you bring in the Golden Fleece, do you think, here?
We put in a very robust performance. I think we all worked well as a team.
I understand that Neil, you kind of took it over?
- I'd probably agree with that, yeah? - Why did you do that?
I thought initially, there wasn't that leadership at that stage.
- You sussed that out straight away at the dockside? - Well, we did, we did.
He couldn't manage us.
If we set off on the task, on the wrong foot,
then it would be much easier to trip over and make a mistake.
- We didn't set off on the wrong foot, there was no foot at all. - Exactly.
Critical, clear,
concise instructions were left out right from the beginning.
Hang on a minute, everyone was trying to speak. The only person we couldn't hear was Jason.
Because he was trying to listen.
Jason was very quick to nominate me a team leader on the other team.
My team sold every bit of stock that we had for that day.
- So I probably should have led the whole task. - Neil is actually quite a capable person,
but as he's shown here, he believes in himself way more than
everyone else does, and it's quite embarrassing.
Why do you have to bring it up?! That it was a threat?
Can ask you one question? Who sold the most stock?
But it's not a competition, we're a team!
I've had a whole day of this, and I've got to tell you,
- I am very tired of it. - Can I just please add a note in?
Alex, what do you want to say?
- The thing is, obviously, I've worked with Liam all day, and I think... - With who all-day? - Sorry?
- You've worked with who all-day? - Liam.
- His name is Neil. - Oh, sorry I'm getting confused.
- I'm glad you was with him all day. - Oh, sorry. - Yeah!
I think Neil was very, very concerned about Jason's management style.
Much as he is a charming guy, the sales approach that he had during
the entire day was more Vicar of Dibley than it was market trader.
This sounds like a complete nightmare at the moment.
But let's talk about the product, what did you sell in the casino?
- We sold the lucky cats. - I heard that all four of you were
standing around putting bloody batteries in lucky cats!
Whose idea was to give them the batteries then?
- This was Myles's idea. - A lot of time was wasted.
You're very quiet, Tim, what are you doing there, you standing there deliberating?
No, not at all, not at all, I was waiting to be spoken to.
I'm speaking to you, I'm speaking to you, yeah, OK.
Probably the first time ever I felt like I wasn't being able to get my point across,
everyone was shouting on top of each other, I tried to
get my point across, but you know when you can't, then that's fine.
Sometimes you can step back so far you can fall over the cliff if you're not careful.
Well then, I thought the way to prove myself in this task is through sales.
- Right, so what did you do them? - High-vis jackets. - High-vis jackets? - Yes.
- They must have seen you coming! - Yes!
Right, well, look, after all of this tale of woe, I'm going
to ask Nick to read out these numbers.
- How did the ladies do? - OK.
Evolve led by Jaz, project manager, her sub teams sold £270 worth,
whereas Leah's sub team, they achieved sales of £839.30,
- giving a total of £1109.30. - Right. OK.
- Karren, the same thing about Endeavour? - Jason's sub team, £324.50.
Neil's sub team, £843.40.
Which means your total is £1,167.90.
That's £58 difference, ladies.
Anyway, gentlemen, you have all had a very, very hard day,
so what I want you to do now is go back,
I've got you a luxury house in Holborn,
this is where all the barristers and lawyers hang out,
the famous store, Fortnum & Mason, are bringing their top chef
there who's waiting for you and I will see you on the next...
Lord Sugar, can I just take this point
and say I've taken onboard your comments and it is going to change.
- At the very start, I was struggling. I have never experienced. - You've won!
I understand. I just wanted to explain myself.
- So shut up! Off you go. - OK. Thank you.
Right, well I think you lot need
to go off and have a chat about what went on, so off you go and I'll see
you back in this boardroom tomorrow where we'll go through things
in more detail and decide which one of you is going to be fired, OK?
Off you go.
- Well done, boys! Absolutely nailed it! - Well done, guys.
- Champagne and caviar! - And that sweet taste of victory!
- For the winners, time to savour the high life. - Very nice neighbourhood.
In the heart of the capital, first glimpse of their London home.
- Ha-ha! Look at this! - Look at this!
- Oh, wow! - Very nice. - Nice to see Lord Sugar put his hand in his pocket.
- What's that? - It's right the way through. - Here's to winning, boys.
- Wow, look at this. Oh, my, my. - Evening, gentlemen. - Evening. - Enjoy.
- Oh, lovely. - To teamwork.
We began as a team and we end of the team together.
- ALL: - Cheers.
Well, ladies, this completely sucks, and none of us want to be here,
especially after more than 50 hours awake.
I don't know what to say, I'm so disappointed.
I don't want to pass the buck, but we sold triple,
more than triple the amount of stuff that you guys sold.
We had a structure in place and a strategy. We got on with it.
Leah had all the figures sorted out, everything.
I had all of the appointments.
It wasn't like we had toilet rolls that we could go to a pub,
I could go to this.
- THEY ALL SPEAK AT ONCE - No, no, no.
Excuse me, excuse me, excuse me, I haven't finished.
I haven't finished talking, yeah?
I mean, I admire Jaz in that she did step forward,
she put herself out there.
was she the right person to do it? In hindsight, maybe no,
but she made a good decision and elected me as sub team manager.
In terms of a leader, Jaz was extremely motivational.
However, I don't think Jaz listened to me at all.
The things I had to say could have made a difference between a win
and a loss.
If it was my fault the team had lost, I'd say it.
I'd be absolutely honest about it and say, "This is what I did wrong."
But the problem is, I didn't do anything wrong.
My job as leader was to lead, and that's what I did.
I'm going to fight like my life depends on it, because it does.
You can go through to the boardroom now.
Well, you've had overnight to consider the events of yesterday.
Jaz, I threw the gauntlet down and you jumped in quickly.
And I'm going to give you the benefit of the doubt that
- it was a brave move. - It WAS brave. I was trying to be decisive...
Was you trying to be clever or something? I don't know.
You can't just put your hand up, and having the guts to put your hand,
expect then if you lose to still get through just because you were gutsy enough...
Thanks for that contribution(!)
What I knew I'd be able to do was lead the team through the night.
Jaz, people are saying about you that you started off
as if this was like the start of a netball match.
You know, "OK, girls, let's get our act together,
"we are going to be positive, we are going to win this thing,"
all these kind of motivational words.
Which, unfortunately, all add up to jack shit.
I like a lot of facts, you know.
Who's my best sellers? What's the products? And where we're going.
Let's get on with it. That's what I call team-leading.
It was both, Lord Sugar.
It wasn't just a load of comments to say, "Let's get going."
And with hindsight, doing it again, the result would be completely different.
Hm! You split up... Leah was a team leader.
Did you have that discussion amongst your lot?
We did have that discussion. We knew exactly what we were doing.
Any decision on location, where we were selling, was made totally by me.
When you appoint a sub-team leader, you do expect them to lead,
because it does sound like I was just sitting down, humming a tune,
- while this was happening. - Take ownership, Jaz.
You were the project manager.
Absolutely, I do take ownership, but what you need to realise is,
it was a team task and I'm project manager, I'm not jack of all trades.
So, I have a strategy and then you guys do it. We are a team.
But, Jaz, I think that I made the strategy.
I don't think you had a strategy and then I implemented it.
Jaz, you were supposed to analyse, what products can I sell
to certain trades that open up early in the morning.
For example,
why did you go to Chinatown at nine o'clock in the morning?
Yes, we didn't know it was going to be closed.
Once we found ourselves there, we utilised where we were
and went straight onto Oxford Street.
But why were you in Chinatown at that time?
I mean, that is common sense.
Even though we had the commodity, we had things like water
and loo roll, they weren't actually that easy to sell.
Easier to sell than lucky cats in Chinatown, that's for sure.
Everybody uses water, toilet roll and bubble wrap.
Cat litter, on the other hand, I admit, not as easy to sell.
Which is why I would have suggested calling Battersea Dogs Home and getting in there quick.
We were too busy selling stuff, Jaz.
- Just a suggestion. - Uzma, I've got some numbers here.
I've got down here that you didn't sell anything.
- Is that right? - My role in this wasn't to sell anything.
- What was it to do, then? - Make sure that we didn't waste any time.
Operations and logistics. I delegated roles within that.
Uzma wasn't allocated a selling role.
Her role was mainly organising where we were going next.
So, how come you didn't get to Battersea Cats and Dogs Home?
There's one place that's going to buy all your cat litter,
- and that's got to be the cat home. - The boys got there and cleaned up.
- Yes, they did. - Right, what was the first thing you sold?
We were disappointed with the fact that the first pitch,
we were really revved up to do it, and Rebecca,
"She's a top seller in her field, she's award-winning,"
and then she kind of went in and just epically failed.
I didn't epically fail.
I'm happy to discuss it at great length and in detail, so let's do that now.
I would like to point out, Rebecca redeemed herself...
Thank you(!) Very nice of you to point that out.
She turned out to actually be the biggest seller in your group.
Yes, she did, and she did really well.
And Sophie, I've got zero against you. You didn't sell anything.
Is that right?
I pitched to sell the lucky cats,
but I think Natalie then stepped forward...
We were going to lose the deal.
He started saying how cheap I get them from China.
You even said I was panicking.
This is why I didn't want to sell lucky cats in Chinatown. I knew that at the beginning.
I didn't want to sell the product in the first place.
- Oh, that's news to me. - No, I kept saying that.
Jaz, which two people are you bringing back in this boardroom?
I think I just have to go with who I feel could have contributed more
in our team.
- That's Sophie. It's for the right reason. - Is that really fair?
I'm having you and I'm not going to discuss it. It's my choice.
Unfortunately, someone should have thought about the cat litter
and Battersea Dogs Home.
If it wasn't for me, our team wouldn't have sold...
If it wasn't for me, we would have literally...
Of course, you are all perfect(!) Of course, you are all wonderful(!)
You did nothing wrong(!) You are all fabulous(!)
If we didn't have a plan, we would be...
- Jaz, you made the decision to be project manager like that. - HE CLICKS FINGERS
Now, come on, I want to go home today.
- I'd like to bring Uzma back in, along with Sophie, please. - OK.
Ladies, the rest of you, go back to the house
and I will see you on the next task, OK?
Thank you, Lord Sugar.
What I'd like to do now is have a little chat with Nick in particular,
so if you'd like to step outside and I'll call you back in shortly.
Jaz, I think she spent far too much time
on the kind of motivational speaking and all that stuff.
But one shouldn't underestimate the pressure
people are under in becoming project managers,
and as we've seen from these girls,
they don't take any prisoners, this lot.
Sophie was a big disappointment to me.
She was very quick with her criticism of everybody else
and not very insightful to her own shortcomings in not selling anything.
Uzma claims she was in charge of logistics. Jury is out.
Simple as that. Jury is out.
- Yes, Lord Sugar. - Would you send the three of them in, please.
'Yes, Lord Sugar.'
Lord Sugar will see you now.
Jaz, I guess that the two ladies sitting either side of you
would like to know why you've bought them in.
Perhaps you'd like to start with what Uzma's doing here.
I know you didn't sell anything, Uzma,
and also, being logistics, I would have thought that the cat litter
was high on a priority for getting rid of.
Knowing that the boys sold their cat litter all in one
and that sale was the one that we could have had...
But I was going through all the directories, pulling out numbers.
Leah was on the phone.
- Just tell me that you did try and sell that cat litter to Battersea Dogs Home. - Yes.
Uzma, I have this vision of you orchestrating a military kind of campaign.
"You go here, you go there, this one opens this time,
- "that one opens this time." - That's very much what happened.
If I didn't do the job that I did, we wouldn't have made those sales.
Did you not think, "This is a selling task, I should perhaps sell"?
Do you not think that if you had someone like me in your team,
you would have probably made some more sales?
- I have no idea how you performed... - But you didn't sell anything.
- You were logistics girl. - I'm a logistics girl?
You WERE logistics girl.
- I'm the businesswoman, darling. - We're all businesswomen.
But what did you do? You didn't sell anything.
She claims what she did was a logistics task.
Now, look, Jaz, what's Sophie doing here?
Sophie, unfortunately, was a passenger on this task.
In that sale with the china cats,
when Sophie was trying to make the one chance she had
to really push these sales through, she would not drop the price.
- We're pushed for time... - You were pushing Chinatown and I thought, "Right,
"we've got imported products, why are we going to go and sell an imported china good?"
When did you explain that to me, as the expert on lucky cats?
I'm not an expert on lucky cats.
You didn't listen to me, and you pushed it,
because you said, "No, we'll go to Soho, we'll go to Chinatown."
You are trying to sell a Chinese product to Chinese people
who do you not think would buy it for about 5p?
Do you not know that lucky cats are in every single Chinese restaurant in the country
and, you know, to go and sell the stuff in Chinatown is like coal to Newcastle?
Do you know what? The fact remains that as project manager, I managed the team, I led the team.
We failed because we didn't sell enough and we lost by £58.
- You didn't sell anything. - All three of you didn't sell anything, Jaz.
That's true, and that's why they are both here.
Jaz, people are saying about you that you don't listen.
You say under your best business skills,
"Once I've got an idea in my head, it's going to happen."
- And is that what you found from her? - Absolutely.
You didn't listen to me from the moment I said, "These have a Chinese origin."
"I'm bossy when I'm right, and I'm often right."
I've had a chance to show leadership skills under pressure
and organisational skills, and I believe that I've done that.
I've also got a lot more to show. I don't give up and I don't say no.
If I leave this process, I want it to be because I'm not good enough,
not because other people have suddenly decided I'm an easy scapegoat.
The only way I'll know if you're not good enough, really,
is listening to other people.
And right now, you know, I've got an issue.
- And you say that she is more culpable than you. - Oh, man!
- Sophie, who I adore... - No, I'm not "man". I'm Lord Sugar, OK?
I'm so sorry. I think Sophie is more culpable than me.
- Jaz, how is that fair? - I shouldn't be fired because I had a task to lead the team, which I did.
- Clearly you didn't. - Ladies, I think I've had it.
I think I've had enough. I think I've heard enough, had enough.
Jaz, very, very brave move to jump in and be the project manager,
and I do give you credit for that.
Was it clever? I don't think so.
Certainly wasn't clever the speed at which you did it.
I was confused why Jaz brought you in here.
I've owned businesses and I've had sales teams
where a logistics person is the heart of the company,
so I understand what that means.
And on that basis, you are not in my consideration at the moment.
Thank you, Lord Sugar.
you didn't sell anything.
Jaz was adamant that you were coming back in here.
And that tells me that she felt
that you didn't pull your weight on this task.
I have to give that deep consideration.
I think that, Jaz,
there was terrible mayhem going on,
bad organisation, fatal mistakes made,
and I do believe that your biggest mistake was jumping in too quickly.
On that basis, Jaz,
you're fired.
OK, thank you.
And I'll see both you ladies on the next task, OK?
BOTH: Thank you, Lord Sugar.
Take care, sweetheart.
If I had my time again, I'd love to say I wouldn't volunteer, but I know I would.
I'm gutted to be fired before I've got the chance to show how amazing I am.
And I really wanted to go right through to the end of the process,
because my business plan is phenomenal.
- Was Jaz to blame as the project manager? - Yes, she should go. - OK.
The project management was so bad.
You know, it just really wasn't great.
Do you guys not think that because Uzma owns her own business,
that she has more credentials?
I found her to be not very effective.
But she talks really well. She talks a good fight.
That was the most terrifying experience.
That initial going into the boardroom for the first time
is quite daunting, and once you've done it...
- You're ready to do it again. - Exactly. - So, go on, be ready for it.
Now 15 candidates remain.
Lord Sugar's search for his next business partner has begun.
Next time...
Your task is all about making money from flavoured beer.
- Bloody hell! - ..trouble brews...
We are having an absolute shocker at the factory.
- I'm surprised you've even turned up. - ..frustrations ferment...
- Jason, will you be quiet, you silly shit?! - You need to let me speak.
- ..then things turn bitter. - I have never seen such a bloody mess.
You're all a bloody waste of space.
You're fired. 0:58:27.680,1193:02:47.295 Subtitles by Red Bee Media Ltd


The Apprentice UK S09E01

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