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  • Morning Kim!

  • Hey, do you wanna go watch a movie with me this weekend?

  • I've got two free tickets.

  • Free movie tickets!? Yeah sure! I love movies!

  • Hey Kim!

  • I'm gonna go bowling with some friends this Friday evening.

  • Wanna join us?

  • Bowling!? Oh I love bowling!

  • Yes, I'd love to join you guys!

  • Kim! Hey, I have some friends visiting me next week,

  • and I'll be bringing them to the museum.

  • Would you like to join us?

  • Oh! I've never been to the museum!

  • Yes! I'll go with you guys!

  • Hey Kim!

  • I've got two free tickets to go watch a football match this Saturday afternoon.

  • Wanna come with me? It's free!

  • Football? Oh.. erm...

  • I don't really like football... And, it's gonna be too hot.

  • Thanks.. but, sorry. It's not my cup of tea.

Morning Kim!


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英語のイディオムを学ぶ・教える - エピソード7: It's not my cup of tea (Learn / Teach English Idioms - Episode 7: It's not my cup of tea)

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