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If you're still having trouble keeping the skis parallel throughout the whole turn, you
may be doing something that I call a two-step, I'm not talking about pushing into a wide
snowplough, making the turn, and then letting the skis come parallel at the very end, it's
just a very quick one two. So the skis aren't actually changing edges together and staying
parallel all the way through, one two. Let me show you what I'm talking about.
If you have a watch down here, I'm doing a very quick one two. The skis aren't turning
together, one two. And it's something that even good, some good skiers do, and it's more
of a habit than something you need to do.
As you saw there, there was just a very quick one two. And that's actually because what
you are doing, and it's more of a habit than anything, is pushing off that lower ski, turning
the uphill ski to initiate the turn, and then in some cases having to actually lift the
other ski. What we want to replace that with, and think about the clutch accelerator that
we've already looked at, instead of pushing off that lower leg, feeling the weight gently
coming onto it and even letting the knee roll down the hill slightly. Now you can see even
standing here, as I do that, the skis are going to want to slide into that next turn
nice and smooth. So get away from this idea of pushing off to start the turn.
Avoid the temptation to push off the lower ski, gently let the weight come onto the top
ski, and let the skis stay parallel. Don't rush the turn.
Like most bad habits, it will probably pop up when the slope gets slightly steeper or
you're starting to get tired. Get it dialled on the easier slops and it will start to become
very natural. Remember, practice makes permanent!


Intermediate Ski Lessons - Keeping Skis Parallel

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